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January 2011 Total GSD Newsletter
January 30, 2011


January 2011: Total German Shepherd Newsletter -
German Shepherds Rule!


German Shepherd Training


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New and / or Featured Pages: GSD Training

GSD Training is an important part of owning a German Shepherd Dog or puppy. Read on to learn more ...

German Shepherd FAQ

Do you have questions about the German Shepherd, or would like to learn even more? Here is one page you can read and learn even more answers to many of your GSD questions.....

Natural Dog Health Supplements

If you are really serious about increasing the health of your German Shepherd Dog without using harmful medications with tons of side effects, check out the all natural dog health supplements included on this page....

German Shepherd health

It often takes a sharp and observant owner to know whether or not his or her dog is suffering from any type of pain or illness.....


Recommended Dog Products

I recently rescued a new GSD puppy, 4 months old - and he is really clumsy and messy and a sloppy eater and drinker too. I love him to death anyway, but I want to keep my floors as clean and food/water free as possible too.

And then I found the Neater Feeder!

Halleulah!!!!! is about all I can say about it! I love it, my puppy loves it and my dry and food free floors love it.

So I highly recommend it - in fact, we give it 4 paws up!

And if you have a sloppy eater/drinker or need an elevated feeder, I can't recommend this feeder highly enough. Click on the picture below if you want to learn more about it for yourself:

Neater Feeder for Dogs


NEW Section - GSD Sharing - Please Enter Now

We are so happy with all the stories everyone has been sharing with us about their own German Shepherd dogs and puppies. We have gotten a lot of new videos and pictures too and many readers have enjoyed reading and commenting on all the new GSD stories.

In fact, you can check them out now in our German Shepherd blog area or by going to the sharing section as found in our left hand navigation bar and clicking on whichever page you're most interested in.

Please enter your own personal story in our Sharing Section, a brand new section for German Shepherd owners to share their own stories about their own GSDs!

Each accepted story gets their very own individual page. Learn more about it here ...

German Shepherd rescue stories here

German shepherd puppy stories here

German Shepherd Rainbow Bridge stories here


NEW Section - GSD Contest - Enter Now

Enter your pampered pooch in the GSD Contest, The GSD of the Month Photo Contest, a brand new contest for German Shepherds! Win a prize! Now sponsored by Royal Canin ...


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