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Total GSD Newsletter - July 2007
June 28, 2007
Hi everybody,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ July 2007: Total German Shepherd Newsletter - Want to learn more about the German Shepherd Dog? Read on, here is the best German Shepherd Dog information available on the web, and all in one place, just for you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Just a quick heads up that we've added several pages and articles that you just might be interested in since our last newsletter was published.


New Pages:

Featured Health Pages:

Puppy Vaccinations - The Diseases They Prevent and your German Shepherd

Your German Shepherd should receive regular puppy and dog vaccinations. Read on for more info ......

How does crate training work?

Why do I want to bother with crate training? Crates provide a safe haven for your puppy as it matures and is an invaluable tool for the pet owner. Read on for more info ......


German Shepherd Dog News:

Featured German Shepherd Pages:

The Canine Distemper Virus

The canine distemper virus is highly contagious and is transmitted through the air as well as through bodily secretions. Read on for more details. .....

GSD Wallpapers - German Shepherd Wallpapers

Here are a few new beautiful GSD Wallpapers / German Shepherd Wallpapers to download to your own desktop and for your own personal enjoyment.

The Coated German Shepherd

As far as the GSD standard is concerned, the coated German Shepherd Dog is considered to be a fault according to both the AKC and the International (FCI) breed standard. Read on for more details. .....

Your Senior German Shepherds Health

Many things may hamper your dog from play or simple day to day activities as it ages. Arthritis is just one example. Read on for more details. .....

How do you get rid of skunk odor?

How do you get rid of stinky skunk odor on a German Shepherd? Read on for more details. .....


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Just completed, please visit our new Members Only Area - full of exclusive offers only available to our newsletter subscribers!

Things in here will change periodically, so please visit often to see what may be new. Coupons, discounted offers on German Shepherd Only dog related items, gifts for GSD lovers and so much more..

BTW, did I mention it's password protected? You'll need the password to get in and it will change from time to time, but it will always be posted in our newsletter in this area for easy access, so please look here for the most current password.

This month's password is: GSDsrule (No spaces before or after, and it must match exactly to get in)

Here it is:

Have fun with your reward for being a member of our German Shepherd Dog newsletter.

Now, on with more GSD information ....


Newly added or edited pages to our site that you might want to check out are:

GSD videos - German Shepherd videos

Feel free to watch all sorts of GSD videos here. We've added several since last months edition. Watch them all here .....

Visit our GSD FAQ page:

Great information for the novice owner and all other dog lovers as well. Find the answers to many of the most common questions that we are frequently asked about our German Shepherd Dogs right here.


GSD Rescue - German Shepherd Rescue

Please visit our new section dedicated to: GSD Rescue / German Shepherd Rescue: Providing Homeless German Shepherds a Second Chance. Know of a GSD Rescue that needs to be promoted? Let us know that as well. Read more here .....


Want to see all our new pages? Visit here:

Total German Shepherd Blog

Our GSD blog page will keep you up to date on the most recent updates, new articles and special announcements for our German Shepherd Dog site.

Want to subscribe to our RSS feeds? Simply right click the orange RSS/XML button (right under the blue navigation buttons on the left hand side of the page), choose "copy shortcut" and paste it into your RSS reader. You're set to go!


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Read all about it here:


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Our GSD Wish List

Total German Shepherd is now collecting Purina dog food weight circle donations to help out various GSD rescue organizations throughout the US and abroad.

Everyone who uses Purina Pro Plan or Purina One or any other Purina dog foods should carefully save the weight circles from their bags.

Not sure what we're talking about? There are some Purina weight circles (photo examples) on our site at:

You can send your weight circle donations to the address below:

Weight Circle Donations: Total German Shepherd Weight Circles,

333 Old Antioch Church Rd.,

Carrollton, GA 30117

Total German Shepherd will collect and redeem the weight circles and donate the accumulated Purina "checks" to various GSD Rescues throughout the country which can be redeemed for various rewards, including checks for veterinary services and for food.

Please help us to help all the valuable GSD rescue organizations in their effort to save, give veterinary treatment, behavior and training help and eventual rehoming of each and every dog in their program. With your help in the saving of these tiny paper circles, we can all help so many less fortunate German Shepherds.


Help! We need your GSD Photos

Total GSD is looking for more pictures of your beautiful German Shepherds to include on our website. We're looking for clear and colorful, non-copyrighted personal photos of your German Shepherds only, in various settings: while at play, work or wherever. The best photos showing the most character will be chosen. For more info, contact us at our contact form on our website at any time, or you can send them to us directly at "gsdphotos (AT)" .


Let us know what else you'd like to see in our newsletter and on our website as well. We'll do our best to add it.

If you have any question or comments about anything on our website, new ideas for content or things you'd like to see appear, please let us know - we'd enjoy hearing from you.

Visit this page for more info to contact us:

Thanks so much. German Shepherds Rule!


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