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Sept 2013 Total German Shepherd Newsletter
September 27, 2013
Happy September!


September 2013: Total German Shepherd Newsletter -
German Shepherds Rule!


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Our GSD blog page will keep you up to date on the most recent updates, new articles and special announcements for our German Shepherd Dog site.

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New and / or Featured Pages:

My Little Black Princess

Roxi is a 3 year old Black German Shepherd. Her favorite things to do are go to the dog park, go on walks, play fetch, play tug-of-war, play "find it," and cuddle with her momma. .........

Scared to death, and with my heart pounding,...I can't get a German Shepherd!

With a shot gun in my hand and the lights all on in the house, I'm by myself with 6 month old grandson and my yorkie, who heard every noise, and his ears stood up and he barked made me feel like I was consumed with fear beyond hope....not really, but that way I felt. My husband left for his 8 day shift at work....

Does Your Dog Have Runny Poos?

Does Your Dog Have Runny Poos? And if so, how often do they have them? Every once in a while, more than 50% of the time, or almost every time? I know that's a kind of personal question, but really as a dog owner you should be aware of the kind of poos (and pees too for that matter) that your pet has for health reasons........


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Jolly Pets Tug-n-Toss Jolly Ball (8 in.)


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Each accepted story gets their very own individual page. Learn more about it here ...

German Shepherd rescue stories here

German shepherd puppy stories here

German Shepherd Rainbow Bridge stories here


German Shepherd Dog Contest - Enter Now

Enter your pampered pooch in the GSD Contest, The GSD of the Month Photo Contest, a brand new contest for German Shepherds! Win a prize! Now sponsored by Royal Canin ...


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