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Total GSD Newsletter Update
October 06, 2006
Hi everybody,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Total GSD Newsletter - Want to learn more about the GSD? October 2006 The best German Shepherd Dog information available, and all in one place. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hi everyone,

I don't want take a lot of time out of your busy schedules however I did want to take a moment just to catch you up on the newest pages and services that we have just added to our site, just in case you'd be interested in any of them.

Our favorite new addition has got to be:

GSDs On Ebay - German Shepherds On Ebay

Visit the GSD related listings on this page and let us know if you like this service or not. Remember to check back often, as the dog listings below change throughout the day, and even by the hour! Have fun and good luck shopping for dog related gifts.


Other new pages of interest:

Poisonous Foods And Your Pets

Poisonous foods and your pets - what is good for you is not necessarily good for your pet. It is important not only that we know which foods are potentially harmful to our pets but also, why these foods are harmful.

If you can ...

If you can do these than you are approaching the level of development already mastered by your dog.

New puppy names have been added to our 3 puppy names pages: male, female and unisex


Announcements: announces its Grand Opening!

Please visit and sign up your own dog related website or business now before the price goes back up. And now, during our Grand Opening celebration, you can get a 1 Year membership right now for only $49.99 (normally a $99.99 fee).

We will be adding more pages between now and the next newsletter you receive. Look for updates there as well.

Thanks again for your "subscribership". We certainly appreciate you as a member.

Happy holiday weekend.


Let us know what else you'd like to see in our newsletter and on our website as well. We'll do our best to add it.

Thanks so much. German Shepherds Rule!


Copyright 2006, Total German

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