The Panda German Shepherd is considered a beautiful species whose genetic mutation gives rise to one of the most sought-after animals, since 1 out of every thousand German Shepherd Dogs has this feature, making it unique in its kind. A beauty of nature. It is well proportioned and very strong. The peep coloration has occurred in a single GSD blood line. It is 35% white, the rest of the color is black and tan

Often used as working dogs, Panda German Shepherds are enthusiastic, alert, fearless, joyful, obedient, eager to learn, they also stand out for being calm and confident, as well as being serious and intelligent, with great learning ability. They tend to be extremely faithful and brave, and above all, they like to be very close to their relatives, although they are often jealous of strangers, so they will not think twice before giving their lives for their human caretaker.


It is a breed of sheepdog native to the Netherlands, is medium in size, muscular and has a strong and well-proportioned body structure. He is attached to his owner, lively, obedient, weak, always attentive and with great ability and agility as a sheepherder.

As for their fur, they are generally tabby with various shades of gold and silver. Some may be light and sandy in color, while others may be red. They are 22 to 25 inches tall and weigh around 50 to 70 pounds.

And it is important that they have an early socialization training, this will help them to stay calm with new people and pets.