Dog Emergency Treatment

German Shepherd Injuries / Health Disorders
Require Immediate Medical Aid

A dog emergency medical situation is one in which you must get your German Shepherd to the veterinarian as quickly as possible. Of course, not every ailment will need professional treatment and even then the treatments can oftentimes be scheduled at your convenience.

Even so, better safe than sorry - and if you know canine first aid, then you are well ahead of the pack. If your German Shepherd ever receives any type of injury it is best that you be aware of what to do in advance depending on what type of injury the dog has received.

Different injuries require different treatments - and many may require immediate medical assistance.

German Shepherd Dog

The following symptoms require IMMEDIATE medical action from your veterinarian or other animal caregiver:

Broken bones,

Bleeding from nose or mouth,

Bloated abdomen,

Pale gums,

Repeated vomiting,

Diarrhea for more than 18 hours,

Muscle tremors,

Problems with breathing or swallowing,

Refusal to eat for 48 hours,

Spurting blood,

Seizures or disorientation,

Unusual swellings, especially ones that are sudden, hard or fast growing

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In an emergency situation it is very important to try and keep calm and get your dog to the veterinarian as quickly as possible. It is a really good idea to have a dog first aid kit too - just in case. Call first to see if the office is open, and to let the vet know what has happened and that you are on your way.

If your veterinarian's office is not open, call your nearest emergency vet clinic. Always keep emergency phone numbers, including those of your veterinarian and emergency veterinarian clinic, near your telephone.

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