Tough Dog Toys: The Best Gift for your Dog

Tough dog toys are available at various pet stores just about everywhere and are definitely the ones I always check out for my own German Shepherds.

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And as a German Shepherd owner you need to be aware that the choices of toy possibilities are wide open, but you also need to consider first some important things before going to the pet stores.

First of all, how do you know which are the right dog toys for your German Shepherd?

You might even be wondering, why pick rough dog toys in the first place - it can be confusing trying to choose?

So, with that in mind, here are some tips and ideas that will help you in shopping for the best, safest, most fun, and roughest dog toys to stand up to your own German Shepherds:

First of all, you need to really know your dog. You need to know and understand its traits and characteristics. Is your German Shepherd a chewer? Or is it a chaser?

If your GSD is a chewer, my boy right now fits into this category quite well, then I can think of no better toy than a few Kong Dog Toys laying around the house or all over the yard.

If your German Shepherd is a chaser, then one good choice might be a few dog tennis balls and a tennis ball launcher. Or maybe even one of those Chuck It! dog toys. It's kind of the same basic idea and they are really great to play with.

Knowing and understanding the traits of your dog is one of the main factors to picking the right sturdy dog toys that your dog will love and play with over and over. And this is exactly what you want - a toy your dog will love to play with, but one strong enough to last a long period of time. Many dogs like to be challenged mentally and interactive dog toys are exceptional choices especially if your GSD has already become bored with its current selection of toys.

German Shepherds are big dogs and many can be power chewers. So,

pick tough dog toys that will fit your dog in terms of both size and "chewability". (Is that a word? Well, you know what I mean.)

Make sure that you also choose tough toys that will fit your dog’s mouth. This is important so your dog will enjoy his time safely playing with his toys and will not be able to swallow the toy.

Safety is another aspect that you really need to consider in buying any dog toys, "indestructible" or not.

So make sure that you are only buying safe, fun, as well as sturdy, dog toys. My dogs favorite toys of all time are the Jolly Balls - in fact, my German Shepherds give them 4 paws up.

When buying dog toys for your own German Shepherds, it is wise that you thoroughly inspect them, make sure that there will be no small pieces that can fall off while your dog is chewing it or no strings or fibers that can come off and become tangled inside your dogs own digestive tract. Also, you do not want the toy to be too small for them so they will swallow it.

So, with all that in mind, we've gone ahead and assembled some of the best of the best tough dog toy choices here on this page all together for you. Have fun browsing and I'm sure whatever you choose to buy for your your German Shepherd Dog that they will love you for it.

Tell us all about your favorite dog toys!

Do you have a great story about your favorite dog toys? Where is it? What are they? What features makes it your favorite dog toy of all? Share it with us right here!

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