The Jolly Ball - My German
Shepherds Favorite Dog Toy

Both our 80 lb. German Shepherd girls simply adore the Jolly ball. They're

both "power chewers" too, and often even manage to chew off part of the corner of the handle or a part of the ball itself.

It's good to know that the ball doesn't deflate even when they get a good sized hole in them (until they're about all chewed up).

In fact, that's one of the best things about this wonderful dog play ball - that it's not like most others in that puncturing or biting it will not deflate it right away.

Don't let the fact that these larger sizes are really horse toys throw you. In fact, my German Shepherds get "offended" if I ever have to settle for one of the smaller sizes because our local seed and feed store are out of the horse toy sized Jollys.

They are made of an extremely study rubber that is really long lasting. These dog balls provide our girls with loads of entertainment as well as plenty of exercise.

They can easily float and bounce in the wildest way when tossed because of the handle. The handle makes it easy for me to carry or throw it too.

These Tug-n-Toss balls that we get for our dogs have molded handles so that they are easy for them to grab and carry around (even though our dogs never use the handle). They also bounce (not very high though) and float in water which our dogs really love since they love to play in their pools with them.

See a Jolly Ball in Action

No matter how rough our dogs play with them – these balls can take it! And even when they finally wear out and lose their shape they're still fun to play with. Our yard is littered with the carcasses of many Jollys of the past and the girls still play with them. So, as long as they're fun to the dogs we'll keep the carcasses too.

I can recommend these dog toys to you unreservedly - and in case you're wondering, yes, they do come in all different sizes, colors and shapes making them available to any dog of any size, shape or color. They even make them scented now too!

I always try to get them as a gift for my dogs whenever I can. So if you're looking for a new dog toy to try with your own dogs, please check out a Jolly Ball Red. I'm sure your dog will be happy that you did.

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