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Are German Shepherds good family pets? Where should I go to find a good GSD puppy?

Even More GSD puppy info

Boy Dog or Girl Dog, Which Should You Get

What things should we look for when buying a German Shepherd puppy? What kind of price should I expect to pay for a puppy?

Just a short check list: Observe the kennel surroundings? Are the GSD puppies healthy and happy? Meet both parent(s) and other family members if possible. Are litter mates active or listless? Clean? Is there discharge from either the eyes or nose? Clean anus?

Typically, a really nice German Shepherd puppy will cost anywhere between $700 and $1200 to start, depending on the lineage, appearance, and background of the dog. Always buy from a responsible breeder where you can see both parents, littermates and breeding facility. For an in depth look at the cost of a German Shepherd dog visit our cost guide. When you purchase a German Shepherd Puppy it should come with a health guarantee at a minimum, with purchase. More detailed tips 

What about GSD registration papers? 
What are they and why do I need them? GSD Pedigree info 

When will my GSD puppy's ears stand? German Shepherd Ear Taping Tips

What are some other GSD puppy issues that I should be aware of? 
German Shepherd Dog Exercise
Teething and the GSD Puppy
Downed Pasterns and the German Shepherd Puppy
Housebreaking the GSD Puppy
Vaccinations and Your GSD Puppy
GSD Puppy Proofing
German Shepherd Puppy Supplies

Do I need to train my GSD puppy? How do I do it? 
What is "socializing" and why is it so important to my German Shepherd?
German Shepherd puppy training
Use of corrections and rewards in GSD training
Importance of German Shepherd Socialization

How Do I Groom My GSD?
German Shepherd Grooming Tips

What colors do German Shepherds come in?
German Shepherd Coat Colors
German Shepherd - Saddlebacks
German Shepherd - Sable
German Shepherd - Black
German Shepherd - White

What other German Shepherd info and GSD FAQ can you give me?
German Shepherd Tail Carriage
German Shepherd Timeline
German Shepherd Dog Facts

How big can I expect my GSD to get once it is an adult ?

The full adult size of your own GSD will depend largely on several things - genetics, diet, bloodlines and overall health. Even though your GSD puppy will reach very close to its adult height by the time it reaches 10-18 months of age, a female German Shepherd will continue to fill out until she is up to 2 years old while it often takes GSD males up to 3 years old to be completely mature. For a more detailed description of the German Shepherd, please read the GSD breed standard.

A very important GSD FAQ - What are some of the known health issues that exist within the German Shepherd Dog breed? 
Bloat in the German Shepherd
Panosteitis (Pano) and the GSD
Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI)
Hip Dysplasia in the GSD
Epilepsy in the GSD
Other GSD health conditions

What is the life expectancy of a typical German Shepherd? 

Most GSDs will live to be between 10-13 years of age while 11-12 years is generally considered the average lifespan. A German Shepherd Dog becomes "middle-aged" between 6 to 7 years of age, and a GSD is generally considered "geriatric" at around 10. More senior GSD info 

Another great GSD FAQ! Are German Shepherds smart? Easy to train?

Are you kidding me?! If you've ever been around a German Shepherd you'll know - these dogs are smart, smart, and smart. So much so in fact that they've been rated as the 3rd smartest dog of all dog breeds according to the author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", S. Coren, even though I think they should rank even higher than that.

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"Money will buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail." -- Unknown

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