Are German Shepherds good family pets?

Just what do you think? "Are German Shepherds good family pets?" I get this question all the time so let's talk about it for a moment.

Remember that German Shepherds are great dogs - but they're not for everyone - no more so than would be a newfoundland, a chihuahua, or a parson russell terrier - not every dog breed is a good fit for every home and that's just the way that it is - so do your research first.

"Are German Shepherds good family pets?" German Shepherds are really incredible dogs. But they're not for everyone - and if you're thinking of getting one I highly encourage you to do all the research you can about them - ahead of time. If you love to read, why not check out my new GSD ebook, The German Shepherd Handbook to learn even more about them.

There's a lot to think about. A German Shepherd Dog can be an excellent choice of family dog - if they're with the right family.

And some people wonder about mixing GSDs and KIDs. "Are German Shepherds good family pets - if I have kids?" German Shepherds can get along really well with kids - especially if they are socialized with them starting at a early age. The earlier the better in fact.

It is very important that you take the time to make sure that your German shepherd puppy is comfortable around human beings of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. You also should introduce them to other pets and dogs. The importance of dog training and proper socialization simply can't be overstated. Your GSD needs it desperately.

Also, don't forget just how big and strong a German Shepherd can get to be as an adult. If you have very small children it could potentially be a problem for them if you don't supervise the dog and the kids together. And if you have a small GSD puppy, you don't want to leave it unsupervised with small kids either. Better safe than sorry. Remember too that this is a fairly long lived animal and if all goes well you can expect to have this dog in your life for 8 to 13 years.

Still wondering - "are German Shepherds good family pets"? Something else I would like to remind everybody about is just how smart these dogs are. These are very intelligent animals. Out of all the hundreds of documented dog breeds on the planet, the GSD is rated as the 3rd most intelligent!

These dogs need to be tested mentally as well as physically every day. And this is one of those things that many first time GSD owners simply aren't aware of. You need to work these dogs brains as well as their muscles to have the happiest GSD possible. Mental exercise simply can't be over stated to keep these little canine "Einsteins" in top notch shape.

And if I could share with you only one tip - only one thing to do with your German Shepherd to make it the best dog possible for your family it would have to be to socialize your GSD well - this one thing above all others can make such a huge difference in how well your dog reacts, socially speaking, later on.

You want to introduce it to as many dog friendly people, cats, kids and other pets as you can. Let it observe horses, goats, sheep or whatever other kinds of animals you can and let it interact with other friends pet dogs to help make it as secure and friendly a dog as possible.

Lastly, don't ignore just how much exercise a growing German Shepherd puppy will need. You'll need to make sure that you can give your GSD lots of exercise outside, and inside too if you have the space. Mental games can be just as stimulating for the dog as a fast game of fetch if done correctly.

So, "Are German Shepherds good family pets?" Well, there is a lot to think about before you bring a German Shepherd home. But if you remember the key items above you’ll have a better idea of whether or not a German Shepherd would make a good fit into your own life and home.

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