GSD Trivia - German Shepherd Trivia

GSD trivia facts, tips and tricky questions could easily be the centerpiece of any fun gathering with other German shepherd dog lovers and owners, friends and family. Trivia questions are the basis for many different game shows on television and also for many different board games (remember Trivial Pursuit?).

These interesting trivia questions could also be helpful when used at any dog related event such as a dog show, German Shepherd related fund raiser, etc. GSD trivia always proves itself as a fun no muss, no fuss game that everyone likes to participate in and the questions below will easily help make your gathering a hit.

Feel free to use any of the German Shepherd trivia questions below as party icebreakers at your next German Shepherd gathering or event. We will add more trivia questions as time permits.

18 Fun Facts

1. The proper English name for this breed is German Shepherd Dog but they are usually informally referred to as what? GSD's, German Shepherds, Alsatians (commonly used in the UK) or Schäfer(hund)

2. Roy Rogers' German Shepherd dog was named what? Bullet, the Wonder Dog

3. John Kennedy also had a German Shepherd. What was it's name? Clipper

4. German Shepherd's are a member of which group of purebred dogs? Herding Group

5. German Shepherds were among the first dogs trained for police work- beginning around 1900 in Ghent, Belgium. True or false? True

6. What was the name of the first registered GSD? Horand v. Grafrath

7. Adolf Hitler had a German Shepherd. True or false? True, Her name was Blondi.

8. Franklin D. Roosevelt also had a German Shepherd. What was it's name? Major

9. What was the name of James Belushi's police dog sidekick in the films K-9 and K-911? Jerry-Lee

10. In the year 2005, out of 154 breeds, where did the German Shepherd rank in AKC Registrations? 4th

11. Was the GSD the first breed of dog to be trained as a working guide dog? Yes, Buddy, becomes the first Seeing Eye dog in 1928.

12. What was the name of a German Shepherd, the first hero of his kind, to return home from the Vietnam War? Nemo

13. When was the first German Shepherd registered with the AKC? In 1908

14. What was the name of the German Shepherd who became one of the first canine silent movie film stars in 1921? Strongheart

15. What is the average litter size in the German Shepherd Dog? 8 puppies

16. What was the name of the German Shepherd who became the greatest canine star of his time? Rin Tin Tin

17. According to S. Coren, the author of "The Intelligence of Dogs", The German Shepherd Dog ranks as the ______ most intelligent dog breed of all? 3rd, just behind the Border Collie and Poodle

18. Which coat color in the GSD is disqualified from being shown in the AKC conformation ring? White

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