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'Chief' from Spokane, Wa

Chief is big part of our family. His personality brings laughter to our lives. He never fails to surprise us with how smart he is. He stands tall, with

Continue reading "'Chief' from Spokane, Wa"


Have always been very partial to German Shepherds as well as owned one most of my life. I have two boys and absolutely love seeing the bond between them

Continue reading "Rio"

Panda the wise Shepherd

Panda has travelled the world from Ny to Israel and back😃 She is truly a kind soul and inspires all who meet her.

Continue reading "Panda the wise Shepherd "

zeus von castlebrooks

this picture is of my 6 month old gsd taking a break from swimming on a log

Continue reading "zeus von castlebrooks"


Ollie is our 1st year anniversary present, we also got him because two of our children are scared of dogs and we wanted our loyal pet to show them there's

Continue reading "Ollie"

Axel Rose

3 yr old male from TSF breeders. My puppy's daddy, he's amazing!

Continue reading "Axel Rose"


Kaiser is six years old. He lives in Melbourne Australia. Kaiser has just finished a significant role in a feature film. He played Ganja The German Shepherd.

Continue reading "Kaiser"

Mika z Diehlomov (Sniper)

Sniper is a 2 year old female GSD. She was born in June 2013 at Mike Diehl German Shepherds kennel in Indianapolis, IN. This is my first dog and I always

Continue reading "Mika z Diehlomov (Sniper)"

Floki and Jovie

Floki is my male, long coat GSD. Jovie is my female GSD. Floki goes to work with me everyday. (I work at a ranch) I decided to see if Jovie would enjoy

Continue reading "Floki and Jovie"

Maggie may

Maggie came to join our family after loosing another shepherd Blue. She is 4 and ahalf yrs. Her Birthday is Jan.1 born 2013. She is the love of my life.

Continue reading "Maggie may"


I've always wanted a GSD!!! I had my eyes on the perfect on visullay ears standing straight up long tail... But that's not what God had Im mind for me...

Continue reading "Gunner"


Gunner is four years old. We all love him. Recently my daughter Alynza turned 11 and wanted her party to be at the breeders house where we got Gunner.

Continue reading "Gunner"


Back in the 70s my mother came home from work with a surprise for us. A little black ball of fur. So little he was the smallest of the litter. This is

Continue reading "Tiny"


My Love for GSD started when I was born because my mom and dad was staying with my grandfather's house who only have a German Shepherd all through out

Continue reading "Akisha"


Koda is 8 months old she was 9 weeks old when we got her she made the perfect addition to our family I have 4 daughters so I also appreciate having a dog

Continue reading "koda"

Batu Ursus Major Von Delaney

This is Chief, one of a litter last year. He ate his fill and passed out.

Continue reading "Batu Ursus Major Von Delaney"

Holly J. LaBruyere

Holly at 8 months old and She lives I'm southeast Missouri. She is very well behaved and loves having her picture taken. She doesn't mind at all that

Continue reading "Holly J. LaBruyere"

Lita. "Rocket Queen"

Lita is from my sisters spring litter, at 2 weeks was rejected by her mother. She had to be taken away from the rest of the litter and fed a bottle every

Continue reading "Lita. "Rocket Queen""


This is Spartacus after a year. The guy who sold me this German Shepherd told me the parents were x-military police dogs.

Continue reading "Spartacus "


The way i found Spartacus. I needed a guard dog, my daughter wanted a puppy, and i needed to find a gift for my wife. I saw a family with a bunch of puppies

Continue reading "Spartacus "

Senna Von Haus Cripambet

Senna, 5 months old, was born in the Andes Mountains of La Paz, Bolivia. My husband and I met him when he was 8 weeks old while traveling in South America

Continue reading "Senna Von Haus Cripambet"


Bouncer is a ball of energy which contradicts everything portrayed in this pic! She also has the most sad puppy eyes-again those are deceptive! She is

Continue reading "Bouncer"

Shiloh Leger

Shilohs article written by Penny Elms for the National Dog lovers will advise you to adopt. Animal advocates will chant the mantra, Adopt,

Continue reading "Shiloh Leger"


This is Jarvis, our two year old German Shepherd living life in sunny Arizona. He wears your grandpas clothes and he looks incredible!

Continue reading "Jarvis"


Trooper is a five-year-old German Shepherd. He loves laying outside in the sun, going to dog parks, swimming with friends, and laying on the couch at

Continue reading "Trooper"


At 17 years old I took a job up in the mountains a few hours away from my home! I had my own cabin in the woods and I just knew I would be needing a furry

Continue reading "Lycan"


This is my German Shepherd pup Jago he is 6 months old and was born from our male Blitz and our female Solome. We do schutzhund training with our dogs

Continue reading "Jago"


Cody was found as a small bundle of fur beside a busy highway. I almost got in a wreck stopping to pick him up. The very next day he was really sick and

Continue reading "Cody"


This is titan at 3 months old, he is so loyal and friendly, couldn't ask for a better family member!

Continue reading "Sandy"

Ada Rose

My very first GSD! She is the smartest puppy I've ever had and she is only 10 weeks old! She weighed 17.10lbs at her 10 week checkup. She was 11.10

Continue reading "Ada Rose"


I am a man 94 years of age. Spent 70 years as a companion to and breeding German Shepherds under the rules of the German SHUTZHUND VERIEN. I helped Form

Continue reading "Identities"


Sasha was 12 weeks old when we got the call from a family member that they had heard GSD puppies for sale on the radio!!! We sent the Aunt to take a look

Continue reading "Sasha "

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Thank you for this web site. Very informative and well written. I often advise my shepherd people to visit here for information. Again GREAT JOB.Laura Page Warden, DVM

What a fabulous website!!! I really enjoyed reading about the history of the dogs. There is a ton of helpful information on here and defiantly something for every reader to enjoy!!!
Misty Weaver

Recently got a GSD again. Last time had GSD no internet etc. Cant believe how much info for free. Kenneth

I love and appreciate the helpful advice I found on your website! Rachelle

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