Selecting the right chew toy for your dog

Selecting the right chew toy for your dog does not have to be all that hard. If you are at any pet store or are shopping online then I'm sure you're aware that the possibilities are almost endless: ropes, bones, kongs...

So, just what is the right chew toy for your dog, and even more importantly, how do you know what is the right size for your own German Shepherd?

Maybe you haven't thought about it before but dogs CAN choke on chew toys if they are the wrong size for that dog. And it could be fatal if no one was there to help the dog. So let's talk about a few safe chew toy alternatives for dogs.

One of my favorites are Kong dog toys. Kong makes great dog toys. Keep in mind however that choosing the right size toy for your dog is kind of like choosing the right pair of shoes for you. If you get the wrong size you're going to have calluses, blisters and pain but if you get the right size you will probably have none of these problems.

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The same thing holds true for selecting the right chew toy for your dog. It is very important that you read the toy package carefully before making a decision. Still unsure about your decision? Just ask the clerk in the store to help you or if you're shopping online, use the online help feature for the store or send them an email before you buy.

Tip: If you can't find the help you need for some reason then just choose a dog toy that is larger than one you might have originally picked. It is always a good idea to go bigger since smaller objects can easily get lodged in a dogs throat possibly causing trauma or even death.

Have you seen those big smoked bones packages at the pet stores? Man, these are another great product and the dogs just love them. They are safe and also satisfy your dogs urge to chew and they also clean the teeth and gums at the same time.

Remember that you must still buy the correct size and shape for your own dog. Don't forget the tip above: If you can't find the help you need for some reason then just choose a dog toy that is larger than one you might have originally picked.

There are loads of other products too such as the whole Nylabone product line. These dog toys also encourage chewing and are made to be safe. Remember, we still need to choose a bone that is the right size for your dog.

As far as the Nylabone products are concerned it is important to remember to take this bone away and trash it once it has begun to get break down. You definitely don't want to let the dog eat the whole Nylabone.

electing the right chew toy for your dog is not all that hard as long as you keep these important tips in mind. Whether you're buying a Nylabone, a Kong or something else all together, we can all give our dogs toys and treats - just make sure that they are size appropriate.

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