10 week old German Shepherd puppy biting

by Chris

I have a 10 week old shepherd who is constantly biting me, and I have tried every method listed on this site as well as others with no success. I was wondering if this is normal for them because they are teething or if it is a more serious behavior problem.

As I have said I have tried squealing like a puppy when he bites me and refusing to play, I have tried saying no in a forceful manner, timeout in the kitchen away from me, I have even growled at him and showed my teeth while pinning him to the ground as a sign that I am dominant but nothing seems to have an effect on his behavior.

In fact, it seems to have the opposite effect in that he will sometimes bite at me more after I have disciplined him. If any body has any suggestions please help I am at my wits end and am running out of peroxide and band aids!

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Mar 29, 2011
10 week old puppy biting
by: Stella's Mom

I am having the same problem with my 10 week old GSD female too.

She does not back down very easy. I started reprimanding her for this behavior when I got her at 4 1/2 weeks old. Yup...she was a dominant puppy even at under 3 pounds ..LOL. I could not believe how much she liked to bite.

I have scruffed her, growled , pinned, shaken a can, crated...you name it. She has her good days and bad. When she wants to bite..she bites. It's not always...but it is enough times that it is frustrating.

I try to take her to the dog park and tire her out as much as possible. She does very well there and she is tired when she gets home. She gets right in there with 70-90 pound dogs and she is not intimidated at all.

Mar 13, 2011
Nippy pup
by: GSD Lover

Mine was the same and took a while to stop.
My fiance and I tried all the tricks from all the books but eventualy we just caught her mid nip pinned her to the ground and growled like an Alpha dog. After the two of us did this she stopped almost right away.

Our dog is the most friendly and affectionate GSD we have ever met. So dont be afraid to put your dog in its place just so long as you give it plenty of love and affection after the disciplining.

German Shepherd Training

Mar 04, 2011
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I have exactly the same problem! I have a 10 week old who is biting a LOT. I too have tried several methods and to be honest, I've smacked on the nose several times which is the only message he seems to understand. He also bites our legs as we walk around which is very frustrating when you're trying to walk him. He is getting better but I think any negative reaction to their biting will eventually get the message through.


Feb 10, 2010
Puppy Biting
by: Anonymous

Your puppy is a baby and is teething. he is looking for anything to releive the problem. Like the way a baby would act when it is teething. This is normal.

When he bites you, say ouch in a tone that lets him know he is hurting you and take your hand or what ever he is biting out of his reach. Turn and get him something else to bite on like a rope or a ball... something to releive his teething pain. Beleive me he will stop eventually. Best of luck!!!

Feb 06, 2010
by: Wendy

OK. To be blunt...all techniques take time. Nothing works the first time. At only 10 weeks your pup has just left his litter. Do not use yelling, physical manipulations (holding muzzle shut), or dominance techniques because this will lead to aggression...as you have learned.

The best method is to mimic what would happen in a pack which is the yelp & withdraw attention technique. The pup wants attention...he bites, you remove what he desires by turning your back on him. Wait for the appropriate response & reward that.

Pup nips..you yelp...you turn away...pup eventually sits...you praise & return your attention. You need to do this every time, not give up & try something new right away. Some pups will learn after 1-2 weeks, some will take 1-2 months. Good luck. Be patient & positive!

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