10 year old German Shepherd Angus

by May Martin

This is my GSD, “Angus”. He is 10 years old and still has the drive, play and love of life as he did as a pup!

He is truly one of the great good will ambassadors of this breed. I have never seen him be anything but friendly and loving towards everyone, young and old alike.

Looking back on all of our years together I can honestly say that dogs really are the only true love that money can buy!

Total German Shepherd:

Hello May, and thank you so much for sharing your great story about your wonderful German Shepherd Dog Angus. And I do agree with your statement - "I can honestly say that dogs really are the only true love that money can buy!". Hear, hear!

It's always so nice to hear about all our senior German Shepherds out there, their lives, families and what they have done over the years. I wish more people would share their German Shepherds lives with us - I love reading the stories and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

And I'd like to take the time to say thanks to all our visitors for reading along all about Angus with us. If you get the chance, please come back often to see what else is going on in our growing German Shepherd community. BTW, please tell us also exactly what you think about the above story by leaving some interesting comments below.

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Jul 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

"I can honestly say that dogs really are the only true love that money can buy!". Hear, hear!" Well said TotalGerman Shepherd.com.

Angus appears to be ROYALITY! He's beautiful and you blessed to have him as your partner. Your money didn't buy him however. We don't own our GSD's. They are family and we buy the rights to take care of them and we buy the responsibility that we have been entrusted to. They and we are owned by only ONE

Jul 03, 2011
LOVE that dog.
by: MarkAnonymous

Angus picture reminds me of my GSD Bogey (Friend or Foe), RIP 2 years ago today. Continue to enjoy Angus, you earn his respect.... not buy the love they have for family. Give him a hug for me. Mark

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