5 month old GSD grabbing my legs with his front legs...

by Debbie

My 5month old GSD is a very sweet natured dog. One thing he does that troubles me, actually gives me a weird feeling is...all of the sudden, for no apparent reason, he will start to circle around my legs, often between my legs trying to mouth my feet and ankles, then he takes his front legs and wraps them around my leg...almost like he's hugging...but he's not lol.

Because then he will go and try to bite my lower leg, feet. He's never growling or barking, so I'm assuming it's his form of play, but I must say I really don't like it. Especially since he is getting bigger, stronger and I'm a small statured female.

I've tried the "NO", "HEYYY", but he gets fixated on this once he starts. It does seem to be worse when it is time for my monthly cycle, so in thinking this, I do plan on having him neutered next month.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Also, how do I get him not go wild and unruly when he's around the kids in the family...he get's SOOOOO excited, that I almost always have to have a leash on him when they are around. Thank you for any assistance.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Debbie,

For one thing, your boy mounting your leg is based on hormones - and your 5 month old male is full of them right now. And for another thing is may be a dominance issue.

So getting him fixed may help this - at least the hormone level issue - however it may not completely erase this behavior - if it has become a habit.

So for this issue and the fact that he gets wound up when the kids are around, well, training is the main thing you both need. For him so he'll learn what to (or not to do), and for you so you'll know how to teach him what to do (or not).

Do yourself a favor, and sign you both up for a puppy class if you absolutely can - it'll be the best money you ever spent. Plus, it's great for socialization too! But if you can't, then check out training videos online or on TV to learn to practice with your boy because now is the perfect time.

If you wait until he's an untrained and unruly 100+ pound "monster", what will you do then? So do yourself a favor (and him too) and get the training going asap to save your relationship.

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