7mth old GSD with bad hind legs

by Kristen

My 7mth old German Shepherd puppy, Shady, has been having problems with her hind legs. Out of nowhere she started to get the shifting leg lameness.. so I am almost positive she had pano.

I talked to my vet and she said that was normal for her leg and to keep an eye on her. It got better in a weeks time.

All has been well, HOWEVER, now after she takes a long nap, she can barely use her hind legs to get up. They are very weak and she acts like she doesnt want to stand.

Also I noticed a clicking in her hind hips. Any advice (other then see my vet) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! and SNuggle and love your german!!

Total German Shepherd: So sorry your German Shepherd puppy is having so many issues.

The clicking in the hip area you've described could be from arthritis and yes that could be a real issue as to why your German Shepherd puppy doesn't want to get up or has issues getting up after laying down for a while.

Another possibility could be Hip dysplasia. Either way you're not going to know for sure exactly what the issue is until you take that little baby to the vet so that's what I would do.

Take that puppy to the vet asap to have it checked and be sure to tell the vet all about the issues you've described here and any others that the puppy may be encountering.

Good luck.

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Oct 18, 2015
Hey there! Years later...
by: ShaSha

My 6 mo. old male gsd is having trouble with hind legs as well. After tons of money paid to vets, they still have no answers, but I saw what you said and I hope you still check this so I can get an answer to my question. Was the glucosamine/chondroitin 1500 you used produced for pets or humans? After reading your answer, I googled it and only got links for people products for 1500 glucosamine and chondroitin. The links I got for pets were way lower in the amount of chondroitin and glucosamine they contained. Could you tell me the brand you used and where you purchased it? Also, what type of fish oil and buffered vitamin C?

Jul 24, 2011
GSDs Hind Legs Problems
by: Ileana

I have an 18 months old GSD. Several weeks ago, I took him to the vet for his annual rabis shot. The vet checked his hind legs and pointed out to me the clicking sound in his hips. He told me that this is a sign of the beginning of dysplasia. He told me that not only GSDs but all big dogs should take the nutrition supplement Cosequin (chewable tablets) their whole life to prevent the hip dysplasia. Therefore, my dog is now on it. Talk to your vet about this.

Jul 24, 2011
hind legs
by: Anonymous

we had the same problem with our gsp, had x-rays at 7 months old and specialist consultations however there was nothing wrong except his confirmation i contacted german shepherd organisation in germany for advice and they told us we need to build his muscles mass. i had to add buffered vitamin c / fish oil and glucosamine/chond 1500 to his diet and now at 12 months old he is a different puppy. he hardly shows any stifness and lameness

Jun 23, 2010
Problems with Hind Legs
by: Ileana

My 4 1/2 months GSD puppy has some problems with his legs, too. He is a very lively pup and likes to go crazy when she plays. She probably hurt her front right leg and now she has a fluid pouch in her right elbow.

I took her to the vet who also examined her hind legs and he told me that he heard some clicking in his hips. That may be a sign or problems with his hips. The only way to know for sure is an X-ray. So I have a scheduled appointment tomorrow for my puppy to have her X-ray done.

That is the only way the vets will know for sure what the problem, if any, really is. Probably your puppy needs and X-ray, too.

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