8 week old German Shepherd pup

by Michael
(Co.Wexford, Ireland )

Hi I got a gsd pup last Friday and she is only 8 weeks old. She is the first german shepherd I'd ever had in my life.

I have been worried about her, I don't know anyone who has an gsd in my family so I'm not sure if this is a problem with my dog. My dog dose not eat much but has very bad poos.

I bought her special pup food and she love it but I'm not sure if that is enough to make her a fat pup. The person I got her off did not tell me if she was the smallest or just stopped feeding off her mother that day I got her.

She looks very well and hopping arround like a rabbit but I'm worried abbout her diet could you tell me if just her eating dry nuts is ok? I tried giving her some adult food but she puked and puked and had horrible loose stools.

My parents told me she looked really skinney but she's a long haired gsd so I taught she was chubby.

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Michael,

First of all - no nuts! Please.

Congratulations on getting your new GSD puppy. Puppies have tummies that are very easy to upset - and when that happens they get runny poops, throw up, etc. This is common if you feed the puppy food that it cannot handle or are not used to.

As long as your puppy is playful she is probably okay but I would encourage you to feed her puppy food only since she is so young. Read the directions on the bag for suggestions on how much to feed based on her size/weight.

Remember these are only suggestions - she may need more or less so you may have to play with the amount of food. Plus feed her several small meals versus one large only and you'll do better too. I still feed my puppy 3 meals a day and he's over 16 months old.

If I were you I would read all that you can about the German Shepherd Dog and puppies so you will know all about them - the more you know the better off you'll be as a new owner. feel free to read as much as you'd like here because you will find all sorts of information on training, health, etc. for the German Shepherd.

Plus, read these pages below for more info on feeding your German Shepherd puppy and good luck with her. Send in some pictures too sometime - we'd all love to see her.





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Nov 19, 2011
Your 8 week old German Sherpherd Pup
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

You didn't mention her name but congratulations on your new baby, she is Beautiful! You need to feed her puppy food, I'm a Purina person, I only feed my dogs Pro Plan but any preminum puppy food is good.

She is a baby so no adult food, puppy food has all the nutrients for a puppy to grow strong and healthy. What I worried about Mia my beautiful GSD when she was a puppy was her ears, I wanted those big ears to go straight up and watched her so she wouldn't break the carthage.

If that breaks the ears won't go up. As they are teething, both ears are floppy, one go up, then down, the other will go then down, up and down and then one day look both ears are up and straight. Enjoy this time as she is a baby, nurture her and love her, she will grow up before you know it and become GSD, your protector.

Take care of your Beautiful girl and she will take care of you.

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