Creative Dog Exercise - Part 2

Creative dog exercise can be very important, not only to your German Shepherd but to you too as well. Channeling your dogs energy with loads of interesting activities will make for a much healthier and happier GSD.

Plus, the time you spend together will also enhance your relationship with your German Shepherd making you all much happier. Feel free to try out as many or as few of these creative dog exercise methods as you want to.

I imagine you'll find at least one or two you and your German Shepherd will really enjoy doing. So, here we go, let's talk about creative dog exercise methods, part two.


Going through objects like hollowed out tree trunks to catch its prey is also a natural habit for a dog. Dogs love Tunnels. Find somebody throwing out a larger appliance box and teach your dog to go through it on command.

Frisbee Fun.

Tossing a frisbee and having your dog retrieve it is a great form of exercise. There are also many different types of Frisbees on the market making it so much easier to find the one your pet loves.

Go Fish.

If you don't feel like moving around so much yourself, tie a favorite toy onto a pole with a string. Let your dog chase the toy while you move the fishing pole back and forth. Just make sure that all sharp object are removed such as hooks, etc.

Scent Games. Place a small treat in one of your hands behind your back. Bring both of your closed fisted hands in front of your pet and let him figure out which hand the treat is in. This game can also be moved to cups, closed boxes, etc.

Lure Coursing. Tying a plastic bag or soft toy to a long string and reeling it in while your dog chases it is a fun and inexpensive way to get your pet moving.

Rally Classes. Rally obedience, also called "Rally-O", is a competition for both you and your pet to enjoy together. You can download the rally obstacles over the internet and work with your dog to do what is on the signs. Rally combines dog agility, sports car racing and even traditional dog obedience into its own, one-of-a-kind, dog sport.

Obstacle Courses. Set up all sorts of furniture and boxes and teach your dog to run the obstacle course you have set up in your home or even out in your yard. Change it up with different sized and shaped objects to make it even more fun.

Hose Fun.

Many dogs love to chase after water coming from a water hose. Letting your dog run and jump after a garden hose is great exercise for your pet and fun to watch too.

Snow Ball Toss.

In the winter months take a break from regular ball toss and substitute snow balls. Your dog will not only enjoy fetching and catching them but will probably love to eat them as well.

Snow Hide and Seek.

Lightly bury a dogs favorite toy in the snow while letting him watch. Have him retrieve it from the snow by digging it out. As your dog gets the hang of this game, hide it in more and more difficult places without him watching.

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