GSD Drug Dogs are Very Specialized

GSD drug dogs - Narcotics Dogs
Training and Capabilities

GSD drug dogs are trained to alert their handler whenever they detect the odor of any of the specific drugs which they have been trained to recognize. The drug dog will give the final stage of alert to the substance by whichever other means they have been trained to alert the handler. Different methods include pawing at the location of the scent, sitting and staring in the direction of the scent, etc.

The drug dog handler will allow the dog to work as close as his training allows. The most important asset of an narcotics detection K-9 team is the communication that happens between the dog and the handler.

A German Shepherd Dog's predominant sense is smell. It's olfactory glands easily detect odors well over 250X that of a human. Additionally, the trained narcotics dog can easily trace the origin of the drugs whether it be in tunnels, vehicles, stairs, buildings, bags, boxes or caves.

A narcotics detection dog can easily reduce on-site employee drug use as well as to serve as a psychological deterrent to future drug use.

See a trained drug dog in action

Drug detection dogs are trained to alert their handlers on controlled substances in workplaces, aircraft, vehicles, boats, luggage, containers, etc. and anywhere drugs might be found to reduce smuggling, distribution, or illegal usage.

The incredible scenting abilities of the trained Narcotics Dog is very often the only hope of locating illegal narcotics in schools, in the work place or in other buildings such as the airports or in federal buildings.

These drug dogs are trained to sniff out illegal drugs and to then to alert their handler by either by scratching at the surface near the source of the smell or sitting down next to the source where the drugs can be found. Such a signal from a sniffer dog gives police probable cause necessary to search luggage or vehicles.

Hands on training is the main source of learning and exploration between the drug dog and it's handler. GSD drug dogs can be trained for active or passive alert responses and are also obedience trained while the handlers are additionally trained in such techniques as:

* Proper leash correction

* Behavior Change

* Scent and how Scent works

* Alert and response to odor

* Air Currents

* Definitions and drives

* Court Testimony

* Vehicles

* Buildings

* Luggage

* Leash Handling

* Self discovery

Typical target drug odors on which GSD drug dogs are trained to find are:

* Methamphetamines

* Marijuana

* Cocaine (all varieties)

* Heroin


Drug Dogs have proven so successful in their particular task that they now can be found working in many airports, border crossings, bus stations and sea ports all over the world.

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