GSD German translations,
for Pedigrees and Titles

German Translations - If you own, plan to purchase, or are thinking about eventually receiving a German bred German Shepherd Dog you may or may not know what a pain trying to translate the dogs pedigree can be.

Not having access to a German-English dictionary can further enhance the problem. For that reason we have listed various German terminologies and the translations of each below. Other translations of terms most often connected with GSD’s, whether listed on their papers or used in training, can be found in the sections below as well.

While these translations are in no way all encompassing, we do feel they are among those most often seen on pedigrees. We hope that this information will be of help to you when doing your translations and research in your dogs German Shepherd pedigree.

Assorted Titles and Ratings

German Translations

VA- Excellent Title awarded only at the annual Sieger Show (Auslese Klasse) Select Class

V(Vorzuglich)- Excellent

SG(Sehr Gut)- Very good

G(Gut)- Good

A(Ausreichend)- Sufficient

M(Mangelhaft)- Faulty

O(Zero)- Failed U- Unsatisfactory

CACIB- A European International Champion

Preishuten Sieger- Sheepherding Champion of the Year

Leistungssieger- Working Dog Champion of the Year (*)- If this appears before the dogs name it has been surveyed and approved for breeding

ZPr(Zuchtpruefung)- The dog has passed a breed survey and is recommended for breeding

Angekoert- Recommended for breeding

Koerklasse I- Especially recommended for breeding

Koerklasse II- Suitable for breeding

"a"- The dogs hips have been certified as normal

SchH(Schutzhund)- The dog has passed the tests for protection, tracking and obedience. I, II, or III denotes the level and difficulty of the degree awarded.

Training Commands

German Translations

Achtung - Watch

Aus - Let Go

Bei Fuss - Heel

Bleib - Stay

Bringen - Fetch

Fass - Attack

Gib Laut - Speak

Halten - Halt

Hopp - Jump

Komm - Come

Kriech - Crawl

Nein - No

Platz - Down

Setz - Sit

Such - Search

Voraus - Go out

Abstammung - Ancestry

Abzeichen - Markings

Ahnen - Ancestors

Alter - Age

Augen - Eyes

Ausbildungskennzeichen - Standard

Ausdruck - Expression

Behaarung - Coat

Belegt - Breed

Besitzer - Owner

Bewertung - Qualification

Decken, frei - Up for stud

Decktag - Breeding date

Ellenbogen - Elbows

Eltern - Parents

Fehlerhaft - Faulty

Gang - Gait

Geschlecht - Sex

Geschutzer Zuchtname - Registered Kennel Name

Gewinkelt - Angulated

Geworfen - Whelped

Gross - Large

Haar - Coat

Hals - Throat, neck

Hinterhand - Hindquarters

Hoden - Testicles

Hohe - Height

Inzucht - Inbreeding

Jung - Young Pup

Klein - Small

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