Training Your Dog to Stand

Many owners take the process of training your dog to stand for granted. This is an important part of dog training as well and you'll need your dog to perform this command in many instances.

For example, when you visit the vet or the groomer you may need your dog to stand as part of the procedure or throughout the process.

If you've trained your dog to stand on command ahead of time just think how much easier this will be.

What if you needed your German shepherd to stand while outside in the rainy weather to keep it from sitting in the mud? How about if you wanted the dog to stand while you gave it a bath? Or what if you wanted to use the stand command as an important part of the socialization process with a shy dog meeting new people?

Any of the these situations above could easily benefit from the use of the stand command so please don't skip training your dog to stand. In fact, if you decide to follow through with competitive obedience or join in other forms of dog sport the ability to have your dog stand on command may be required.

The command "Stand" is indeed one of the most basic commands that the American Kennel Club requires for its Companion Dog degree. In this competition it is formally called Stand for Examination and your dog must not move a toe while the judge goes over his body.

Training Your Dog to Stand - Here's How to Do It

First of all you must get your German Shepherd up on his feet any way you can. You may have to lift him up or start walking with him (a short distance, just enough to get him up on his feet). Now, when you do this say "Stand" just as soon as you get him upright position.

It's a very good idea to do this in a quiet room, with very few distractions. Be calm, gentle and soothing when teaching your dog a new command. In fact, once you get your German Shepherd standing upright try petting or brushing him while keeping one hand under his belly and repeating the command "Stand" in a soothing voice.

Repeat this routine for about three to five minutes a day, using this command time to groom your German Shepherd, pet him, or give him a home health check up.

There are many reasons to training your dog any new command. For one thing, the more you teach your dog, the easier and faster he will learn new commands down the road. Additionally, it is a great mental training aid for your dog and helps keep it stimulated.

You may not really recognize the benefits of training your dog to stand at first, however they are very beneficial. Situations arise all the time when the ability of your dog to stand on command would come in handy. Try teaching your German Shepherd this command and I'm sure you'll use it more times than you might have imagined otherwise.

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