Acer, My GSD/Husky mix

by Nancy Ames
(Wichita, Ks.)

We adopted Acer from our local humane society in January 2011. He was 8 weeks old, and 15 pounds.

We have had him in all kinds of training classes and he recently achieved his CGC certificate. We are so proud of him. He is a very special and smart dog.

His start was not so wonderful, the people who had his mother took the whole litter in to the humane society at 1 month old, I was shocked, but they fostered them and adopted them all out.

Acer has grown a lot and turned 1 year on November 4 2011. He loves to play games and can find his toys when you hide them. He also has his stuffed things he sleeps with, it's so cute!

He has grown a lot since we adopted him, he is 80 pounds and 28 inches tall at his shoulder. He may not be huge but I am 4' 11" so he is big to me!

I think he may have a protective streak as he became very upset on a walk one day when a strange man walked up behind us a bit to close and Acer let the man know he was unhappy, he did not try to bite but he was vocal!

I think he is beautiful, of course, but one day I had a lady stop on the street while we walked to tell me how much she thought of him! I was floored really.

Acer loves our cats but I am not sure how he would feel about strange ones. He has a "brother" he is a German shorthair pointer, they get along great.

He loves to play ball and will go longer than I can, and he is really good at it. He returns and can catch in mid air as he loves to jump after it. For a big dog he is very agile, I think.

Acer kinda talks like a husky but he also has a very deep GSD voice as well I think he is so funny and cute I could not imagine being without him. I have R.A and he knows when I dont feel so good he gives me a look, he knows, and he checks on me each morning. He is wonderful!

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Nov 23, 2011
by: Linda A - St Louis

Acer sounds like a great dog, wished you had his picture posted. His "start" may not ideal but his finish is very good; by you adopting him into a loving home. He instinct of protecting already kicked in when someone walked too close - good for Acer.

Take of your precious boy and he will take take of you! Read our story t-g-s-puppy mia story and mia beautiful gsd, she just turned 2, I will be updating again soon. Thanks.

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