Aggresive German Shepherd puppy towards senior

I just got an 8 week old german shepherd puppy and he is barking and growling at our 2 yr old boxer when they are introduced. What should i do

Total German Shepherd:

Sounds fairly normal, especially since they are just meeting up and the GSD puppy has no idea who are what that big old Boxer is. Give them time and supervise their meetings, especially in the beginning, and give them time to get used to each other.

Ideally, allowing them to meet up in a area that is not home to either dog would be best to cut out any "home dominance - territory issues". In time, once they get used to each other, chances are very high that they'll be best buds - but the initial meet ups are critical in helping them to decide that the other dog is a potential friend and a new playmate.

Also, you'll want to supervise them since the Boxer is going to be a good bit bigger than the GSD puppy - for a while at least. Allow them to play but just make sure that the Boxer doesn't inadvertently step on the German Shepherd puppy once things get a little wild.

Overall, things should be fine in time but if you still have questions I would certainly contact your vet or a local dog trainer for even more advice. Good luck with the transition.

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