Another Hot Spot Remedy

by Cathy
(New Hampshire)

I just finished reading/viewing the very helpful article about hot spots and would like to post my recent experience and remedy for what I guess was a hot spot. My girl, Esther, had a sore, granular type lesion.

I trimmed away all the hair around it, to get a better look and found a sore spot. I do not know what caused it, or what it was but after trimming away the hair I used a water-free antiseptic hand gel cleaner to clean the area.

I reapplied this several times and the spot cleared up nicely. This happened just at the time she started shedding her winter coat. I am now using a shedding rake on her (gently) and grooming her more often.

Just wanted to let people know about how the antiseptic gel hand cleaner worked for her, this time.

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