Avalanche - German Shepherd/Rottwieler Mix

by Gina Catron
(Goldendale, Wa)

Avalanche just came to me a couple of months ago from my neice who found him at a friends house and he had been dropped off by someone else. Avalanche looked to be the runt and underfed.

As a single woman I decided to take him in. We have decided that he must be a German Shepherd/Rottwieler mix. Hes loving and cuddley enjoys walks and other people but can be scared easily while out walking and loud trucks go by or groups of people.

We believe he was only about 5 weeks old when I got him and hes about 3 months old now. Im excited to see how big he is going to get and enjoy taking him out to the beach and walking him every day.

He needs some obedience training as he is very sassy at times and tends to snarl and snap at your face at times but other then that Avalanche is a loving puppy and a wonderful addition to my family.

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Gina,

Bless your heart for taking that little baby in - especially when he so desperately needed all the help he could get. And as a single woman, a big dog is a definite necessity.

I wish you had added a picture of your little Avalanche. But what an exciting name you have picked - I hope he doesn't live up to it (heehee)!

Definitely socialize him all that you can, keep him up on all his shots, and sign you both up for a training class as soon as you can - it will be so important for you both! But little boys, especially un-neutered little boys, can push your buttons and this is where the training comes in.

I wish you nothing but the best with him and hope you both have a long as happy life together! Continued success! And thanks again for helping a dog in need!

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Mar 29, 2013
Avalanche - German Shepherd/Rottwieler Mix
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Congratulations on your new puppy. Enjoy this puppy time, it is so precious, how I wish I could it back, hold and cuddling as long as you can. Dogs are Wonderful no matter what breed they are, they give unconditional Love.

That's great you decided to keep him but since he does have German Shepherd blood he will be protective. Mia my GSD is was bit sassy too when she was a puppy, don't ever back down, I told her, I'm the BOSS not you. She is Loving, Obedient, Trustworthy and very Protective!

Be patient, he will be fine. Good Luck with your boy and he will take care of you.

Mar 29, 2013
by: Cathy

Good luck and congratulations on your Avalanche. Be careful not to back away and let him have the last word when he snaps. Stay calm and quiet but do not let him back you away, instead take the initiative and get him to sit, or better yet lie down.

It may be necessary to keep a collar and lead on him even in the house til he is sure of who is boss. Do get training, I have found a great deal of useful information and help by watching Cesar Millan Videos. Definitely get him neutered.

Walk him out around people and noises, not pushing him but making sure that he stays with you and does not lunge. I apologize if this all sounds like I am sticking my nose where it does not belong, Avalanche sounds a great deal like my girl, Esther who is two now.

Best of luck, I hope the two of you have a wonderful life together. (BTW, I also am a single woman and having a big dog does make me feel safer, if only because she is a visual deterrent, actually my Esther is very very friendly but I am glad that people hesitate before approaching. Use what works to get your desired results.

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