by Hadi chehade

When i was young i wanted to have a dog , more specifically a german shepherd , but my parents refused that because we lived in an apartment with no garden , when I started my first year of university i was look forward to have what i always wanted , a true loving friend that will never leave me , but unfortunately i couldn't because i was busy focusing on my studies, but in my second year i couldn't take the idea anymore and i was sure it's time to have that german shepherd , so i started asking my friends if they know any place where i can adopt or buy a pure german shepherd , and one day my girlfriend told me that she's coming to my house and that she found a german shepherd puppy at her friend's house that i can take , i was so excited to get that puppy , finally my girlfriend arrived so when i opened the door i found a crate with a heart balloon, i was very chocked, my girlfriend was hiding and when she saw my reaction she started yelling , open the crate he's barely fitting in there , so i opened the crate and that is where all my story with my beloved black started , he went out of the crate , and he was too little but he was tall for his age , and he started sniffing everything in my house , at that moment when i look at him and saw that he has a black face i decided to call him black , and today since i don't live with my parents anymore , black is living with me in my apartment .

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