Bolt, Our White German Shepherd Dog

by Yalena S.

white German Shepherd Bolt in the sunshine

white German Shepherd Bolt in the sunshine

Bolt, our white GSD. He has evolved from a fiesty, headstrong, reactive puppy into a kind, gentle, loyal obedient cuddly dog. He is two years old.

We do obedience training, games tricks & drill classes and we get daily exercise and weekends we do long hikes. I have found the key to a happy healthy GSD is a balance between exercise on and off leash, and training to exercise his mind.

We do only positive absolutely non forceful training. The breeder whom we purchased Bolt from recommended as a pup exerting our dominance over him by holding him down. This created more confusion and distrust and made him reactive.

We got a trainer to come and work with us and with a lot of hard work and dedication we developed a wonderful trusting bond. I have cuddled him since day one even when he wasn't receptive to it, over time he has become the biggest cuddler in our family.

We look forward to many years of love from our GSD. He enriches our lives greatly, I could not imagine any other dog for us. It has not been an easy road by any means, it has required dedication, time and a lot of love. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Yalena S.

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Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful white German Shepherd Dog, Bolt, with us all! He is a handsome fellow and an amazing example of a white German Shepherd.

The picture you have sent to us here is so wonderful! I wish you nothing but the best with him for years and years to come. Way to go Bolt!

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Mar 29, 2013
Bolt, Our White German Shepherd Dog
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Bolt is a handsome White GSD! He needed a loving home and you give him that. His trust was there just kind of hidden and that first trainer wasn't good at all.

You brought back his Trust and he a Loving dog because of you. Take care of your boy and Bolt will take care of you!

Mar 20, 2013
Beautiful dog
by: Debo

We have our fourth white german shepherd dog. They have all lived to be around 14 yrs. Our Roxy is 4 yrs. old. She is very active and loves to have her ears scratched. German shepherds are the best dogs ever and good protectors.

Mar 15, 2013
Beautiful White GSD
by: Cheryl Getzinger (Ruger's Mom)

You have a beautiful German Shepherd, before I got my Ruger, I wanted a white Shepherd. My hubby talked me out of it.

He had some good points, we live in Michigan, have black dirt, in the country with three labs also and woods with swales in them, the dogs love to plop in those. So a beautiful white GS, would not be white.

So I opted for a black and tan, I love him dearly though. One of these days, maybe anyway!!!! Congratulations on such a beautiful Bolt!!The picture looks like an orb is surrounding him.:)

Mar 14, 2013
by: Misha

Your post was so loving and I for one was glad to hear that you went from a trainer who wants to bring dogs "down" to just training with love. That is what a dog needs at all times and you were sentisive enough to realize that.

Always praise when good, dont "punish" when bad, just ignore it. Love always works best. I am considering another puppy after over 2 years of grieving for my boy.

I know that his spirit is here with me as he turns my kitchen light on and off without me touching the switch. Believe it or not. At first I thought that something was wrong with the connection and could start a fire in the wall, so my friend, who is a electrician came and examined the light connection and told me everything is okay.

When I get all done with work and everything at home is finished as I have a routine before I sit down and relax and watch the t.v. the light starts going on then off at different times. When it goes on I say hi to Ari and tell him that we love him and that Sevin (my girl) and I will be with him in time, the light flutters on and off.

Then it goes off for awhile and on again. I dont touch the switch. I do believe that he is here. The very best to you and your boy. Sincerely Misha

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