Bruno - possible german Shepherd dog mix not sure

by Candice



Hello....I have a German Shepherd he is about a year or so his name is Bruno. I am curious to know if he is a "pure" or whatever u wanna name it and I was wondering everyones opinion.

I included a picture of his gums I read that it might be important but I'm not really sure. All of the pictures I've seen and stuff I've read about this breed leads me believe he might be.

He's a good protector and a good dog nonetheless. He can make both ears stand up when he wants to but they are usually down. I was contemplating getting the DNA test to find out exactly what he is but I'm not sure if really matters that much to me.

I have a friend who this he knows all and he says that Bruno is mixed but I think I get the opinions of some other people before agreeing with him.

Total German Shepherd:

Hi Candice,

Thanks so much for sharing your cute little Bruno with us. He is a doll for sure! What a handsome boy.

He may be a full blooded German Shepherd - without knowing the true parentage you'll never know for sure (unless you do decide to run a DNA test) but who cares if you love him right? If he is a good companion for you then what more can you ask?

If he is a GSD mix, which he very well may be, he is mostly GSD, I can vouch for that for sure. Either way, he is a handsome fella and I am happy you took the time to share him with us all here. Continued success with him in the future! Good boy, Bruno!

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May 09, 2013
Bruno - possible german Shepherd dog mix not sure
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Bruno is a cutie for sure! I think he might be mixed with a Doberman Pincher only because of his fur which looks more smooth than a Shepherd which they have more of a undercoat and especially the back of the hind leg, tail and neck.

But Bruno differently has a Lot of Shepherd in him. He has a Protector side and his Loyalty. I don't think it really matters, you Love him and he Loves you and that what counts. Take care of your boy and he will take care of you!

Apr 27, 2013
DNA test is good idea
by: Cathy

Not that a piece of paper will change how you feel about your baby, but it can give you an idea of health issues that you may need to watch for. Generally speaking mixes have less health issues that can plague certain pure breeds.

All breeds have had some types of issues ie. short snouts have breathing issues and cant tolerate heat or extended time in in. Popped eyes can suffer infections, loose the ability to see. There are so many.

Which should not be a problem However others like GSD's may have joint issues with hips, elbows, ear infections, panis etc... Knowing what to watch for just in case there is a prevention, or treatment that can give him a healthier pain free life would be of great help. Please note this is just my take on it and I am not a vet.

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