Buddy, one of the family

by Lisa
(Federalsburg, MD USA)

When we went to pick you up, I really didn't know if a German Shepherd was the dog for us. Michelle was only 6 1/2 at the time and I had only had dashunds. So a shepherd was a large leap for me.

I know you were scared, not knowing us and your owners at the time couldn't keep you any longer. With in a week you were a member of the family. I still remember you laying in the floor nose to nose with Michelle while she read you a story.

You fit in with Max and Jezebel and later Zoie.
You were a beautiful dog with a great personality.
I'm so sorry that your last few months were painful. I just had such a hard time thinking about life without you.

Dr Wade and his staff had taken care of you since we brought you home at a year old. Now it's 11 years later and they helped you pass quietly and with dignity, surrounded by your family. You are still part of the family and with us always. On top of piano in a beautiful box, with all of the family photos.

Though I kept saying no more dogs, no puppies, Tuesday we brought home Sophie. She's 8 weeks old and so very sweet. She can't take your place, but she is filling a void I really didn't know was there. I know you are enjoying your days pain free, able to run and jump like you did several years ago.

I look forward to see you, Max, Jezebel, Kitty Boy, Angel and my first Buddy one day.
Take care old friend until we meet again.
Love, Lisa, Eddie & Michelle

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