Buying to Rescue my German Shepherd Brody

by JP

I am from Ft Rucker, Alabama and at the time I had two GSD's (One I had bought through a wonderful Breeder and one I was fostering until I found a home) I was interested in a puppy for my 14 month old GSD, Bandit. I knew Chucky (2 years old) was leaving soon, and I was afraid Bandit would get lonely.

I conveniently ran into a breeder from Phoenix City and he was delighted that I was looking for a GSD puppy because coincidentally he just welped 4 puppies a about a month and half ago. So I had agreed to meet at his place to look at the puppies, but not guaranting I would buy one.

I worked myself to his place with backup cash, just in case. I was mortified at the "breeding" ground he had set up in his backyard. (Of course the intial red flag was a broken down trailer barely sitting almost off a cliff- My truck barely made it up the drive way that seemed to be perfecly angled vertically.)

I'm not so sure if he knew that what he had set up was an official Puppy Mill because he was not shameful to bring me in the back and show me the mother and father. Their kennels were about 5ft x 5ft, and each had AT LEAST two dogs in it. They had over 20 dogs crated up in these small kennels and maybe 8 of them tied to a tree outside the kennels.

I was devasted at the condition they were living in. As I gingerly walked over what I thought were mud that trailed through several kennels.... the man makes a comment "Sorry if the smell is bad, our bathroom broke inside and we aint got the money to fix it yet...." (just then I think I threw up in my mouth.)

We get to the puppies, and there was only two left. Both were darlings, and he had said that the puppies cost 300. (Oddly cheap for registered puppies) I had asked if they were up to date with their shots, and pulls out these white 4x4 cards and on it were sloppy handwriting of what looked like their "shot records"- I asked why the 6th and 9th week were blanked.... "I ran out of money" (that phrase is common with him.)

I looked at the puppies and I felt heart broken because I had only intended in getting ONE. (And my husband would have my head on a platter if I got MORE than one.)So right then, I picked one puppy gave them the money and retrieved as much "official" documents from them. I kneeled down to the female puppy who wagged her tail that I had chose not to get and whispered in her ear that I was so deeply sorry, and that I would return with some help.

I felt so guilty, because I knew that by leaving her behind she would be used for inbreeding or worse. I left that place in tears.... if anyone knows a good orginazation to bring that man down and rescue those GSD's.... I still have all the information... I've contacted the police in Eufola and Phoenix City, but because of Alabama state law, (which is very broad and can be interpreted in different ways.) they were unable to do anything about it.... (In a tone that screams "this is a usual day by day case, and we have no time to pit pat around pet issues....")....

please help those dogs. They are illegally breeding them.... EVEN though that by buying Brody, I've rescued one..... it just doesnt feel that I've done enough....because of how many dogs and puppies that they've carelessly bred... oh, and my Brody ended up getting PARVO which cost me an arm and leg to treat...he is doing much better now... But you have to wonder....Thank you for reading this. I feel better getting this off my chest.

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Feb 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

Contact the Humane Society of the United States. Also You State Aggricultural Agent.

Jun 22, 2011
Poor Pups...
by: Anonymous

i know you think you did the right thing by buying a puppy from that mill, but really you just helped him breed more dogs... im not sure that not buying one would help either, but i would have definately told that man that what they are doing was wrong. i would go to your local SPCA and let them know whats going on.

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