Can my 18 months old hip dysplatic male gsd will able to do sex with a female gsd ?

by shakti swarup jena

sir i hav a one and six month old german shepherd male dog...but he is suffering with hip dysplasia for last 3 months due to an accident..

so i want know that can i use him for breeding?? can he able to do sex with a female gsd ?? if not then will the absence of sexual pleasure harm him ???

Total German Shepherd:

Do not use him for breeding if he has hip issues because, for one thing, he can very possibly injure himself further. And if he does not have sex, no problem, he will not miss it really.

And if the injury does not get any better over time then I would certainly consider getting him fixed. Take care of your boys injury and get him healthy first.

Take care of the issue of hip dysplasia too - and if he is truly dysplastic then don't breed him either because that can be passed along to any puppies too and you don't want them to have to suffer with that later on in their lives do you?

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