Catsablanca - A German Shepherd - Kitty Love Affair.

by Kristen Baughman
(Portage PA 15946)

It was a dusty after noon, I knew mom was up to no good when she fumbled with the front door. She juggled her keys in one hand while trying despirately not to drop the paper bag that was in the other. A paper bag I was sure to make my own later...

She approached me on the steps like she always did only today was different somehow. A trace of guilt lingered in the air like some unspoken disloyalty. Finally I knew what she had done...

There he was 8 pounds of furry clumbsiness, mom had bought a dog, not just any dog... a german shepherd dog. I've seen there kind on the black and white TV. They chased down the bad guys on "cops"

Sure I could see her reasoning, there was a certain diamond in the rough charm about him... even if he was a dog.

He waited for mom to leave the room then he made his room getting the upper hand on me with the element of surprise. Before I knew it i had that 8 pound of drooling fur on top of me, messing up my perfectly placed hair...

And if that wasn't bad enough he wanted me to play back. Well it was a good thing moms timing was so impeccable, a little voice inside me was almost wanting to break my swave gentlemen like stature just to wrestle the new kid.

By now my tail was matted with dog drool and I had begun to feel like a real wild man myself. I was starting to like this side of myself, pretty far from the fancy feast way of life now I had started some banter back now with the dog called "Ulrich."

It seems the kid really wasn't such a bad guy, after all if he could go toe to toe with this alley cat he can't be too bad off huh?

The dusty evening had now turned into a cool breezy night. Mom had just put the kettle on and settled down in her favourite chair I took my place on her lap as usual. I tried sneaking some of her lady gray and that's when I saw him... all lonely and cute looking asleep at her feet.

Then all the sudden I was having flashbacks to my kitten hood, remembering how fast those last few minutes with my mother came and gone like the dew on the grass in the hot morning sun. How afraid I was how alone I felt in the long car ride away from my brothers and sisters. How overwhelming the smells of mom's place had been at first...

before I knew what I was doing I heard a familiar sound, that strange sound my voice sometimes has when I get the warm fuzzies then another sound... *click* followed by a red hot flash... I knew I was in trouble now. If the boys in the alley ever found out about this I'd be the laughing stock of the neighborhood...

But for now I didn't care I just curled back up and went to sleep, after all the new kid was kind of comfy.


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Sep 12, 2010
by: Kris baughman

Thanks :) they are good they just wrestle alot not and hes so big now at 10 weeks old!!!!!

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Sep 10, 2010
Great Story
by: bjfc

That was a great story. Enjoyed reading it and how you presented the meeting.
Best Wishes to you and Ulrich.

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