Centurion's Journey

by Bunny Bishop
(Incline Village,NV)

On Christmas Eve 2010 I felt like my heart had been ripped out of my chest. My two year old "Max", a beautiful German Shepherd puppy that I found wondering near the Canadian border of eastern Montana (he was about three months old), died from injesting snow-melt. In twelve hours my precious companion was gone!

After a few days I got on the internet and found The Greater California German Shepherd Rescue,(GCGSR) site. I had no idea there were so many German Shepherds who needed homes. I soon found a picture of "Centurion", a two year old puppy that just leaped off the page....and into my heart:)

After being properly vetted, he became my new adopted puppy! Prior to me, he had been rescued at the last minute by a wonderful Foster Mom at the GCGSR who loved him back to health. He was her one-hundredth foster dog, hence his name!

When I called and spoke with her it seemed like maybe we would be a good match. We agreed to meet (many miles apart!)and it really was "love at first sight"! She was impressed enough to let him go all the way home with me for a trial run.

Well, Centurion and I were a perfect fit so on 1-11-2011 he became mine. He is now a 75 pound, happy, healthy, loyal and very beautiful puppy dog. I still miss Max from time to time but I know he is "running in fields without fences" on the other side of the rainbow in Heaven.

Being blessed with Centurion today, is Heaven here on earth to me!...and Centurion knows he has a Forever Mom who will always love and take the very best care of him:)

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Oct 18, 2011
by: Ileana

What a beautiful dog Centurion is! I am sorry about Max, but I am sure that he is now smiling at you from high above for giving a loving home to Centurion.

Oct 18, 2011
by: Lt. Ronald McCarty Sr. Ret.

It's a nice story and the new puppy that adopted you is a beautiful boy. My issue here is the collar. I feel that the collar represents an aggression issue and this most likely isn't the case.

Close the window if you have doubts and get rid of that collar. Turn the air conditioning on when you are traveling and when you get home turn on National Geographic channel and watch Ceasar Milan or from the flip side get on the internet and visit Leerburg.com.

At the very least surf Total-Germabn-Shepherd .com. These sites provide a wealth of free information.

Sorry, I just got overwhelmed by the collar. I realize a lot of people use them and swear by them but it appears a muzzle could have been a better choice. If your GSD wants to bite squeezing that collar into his neck will only make him bite harder if he is strong willed. A person walking by would be getting a lawyer.

On the good side you sound like a wonderful GSD parent. Please, train him to not need that collar.

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