change of diet and frequency for my 17 week old GSD

by John Lentz
(Huntington, West Virginia)

My GSD puppy just turned 17 weeks old. Right now, I feed him twice per day and he is 50 pounds without any fat on him.

He is very active and I need to know from you all when do I changed his feeding frequency to once per day and how much do you all recommend that he be given?

thanks, John Lentz

Total German Shepherd:

My 2 girls are almost 10 years old and I still feed them 2 times per day. There are so many benefits to breaking the meals up but most especially to keep a GSD from bloating, that is another reason to break the meals up.

If you must change the feeding schedule I still think you're way too early into it to think about it at this time. Your GSD puppy is still a baby so don't start thinking about changing to one meal per day if you have to until your GSD puppy is at least 16-18 months old because even at that point your GSD is still immature.

But if you don't have any other reason to stop feeding your dog in more than one meal per day other than the fact that you think you should, then I would recommend you keep your puppy/dog on at least a 2xs per day schedule from now on.

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Apr 20, 2010
don't change
by: christine anderson

Deep bodied/chested breeds are better fed twice daily all their lives. I agree with the previous post, it helps avoid bloat which is an horrific event which kills thousands of dogs a year.

We feed breakfast, tea and before they go to bed are given a small treat or dog biscuit in the form of a bone shape.

We also add vegetable oil such as canola or olive oil, a tablespoon full to the evening meal as it aids in preventing fermentation of food in the gut. In other words, it too helps reduce bloat risks.

Your puppy sounds rather big and it is essential you keep him trim until at least ten months to ensure not too much pressure is placed on hip and elbow joints.

We also add a little charcoal/peppermint, one small tablet per ten kilos (12 pound) as it aids in controlling gas.

Especially in summer when dogs tend to drink heaps and get stressed out. We have our kennels in Australia and make sure dogs are rested well prior to feeding.

By giving them a treat for supper gives us a chance to ensure they are all well. Our oldies sleep inside.

Good luck with your kid. Christine

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