Choosing a German Shepherd puppy

I am looking at getting a newly born GSD puppy. What are some specifics that I can use as guidelines in choosing. i.e. type of coat, size of paws. color of eyes and nose, ears, and how do you gauge temperament at such young age? Thanks, Rob

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Jan 23, 2010
picking a GSD pup
by: wendy

First off, congrats on your pup. Now...coat colour is the least of your concerns. Pups frequently turn out way different when they grow up than what their puppy coat was.

A good determination of potential size is the size of their feet. As for personality, i suggest you go into the pen with all the pups & sit down. Then see what they do. One may come bounding over & jump & lick, another may hide behind the water dish. Others might gently approach & fall asleep in your lap.

Think of your lifestyle & what you will do with your dog. After a bit, pick one pup & meet it privately to see how it reacts. Maybe the shy guy is a bit more bold & the jumper loses some bravado without his sibs.

Most of my dogs have chosen me, not the other way around! My current pup was not on my list of faves, but he persisted in following me around & butting sibs out of my reach when I was playing with them. 5 months later, I cannot imagine life without him, & he is sweet & not the *dominator* he appeared to be with his littermates.

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