by Jim
(Frostproof Fl)

Cody was found as a small bundle of fur beside a busy highway. I almost got in a wreck stopping to pick him up. The very next day he was really sick and rushed to the vet. He had Parvo and I thought he was gone, however after 3 days of intensive vet care he recovered and lived with me for 15 years. He was a very remarkable dog. When I took him to a training class the trainer would like to use him to show hoe to do what the lesson was. However when he tried to get his leash Cody would look at him and give a fatal growl. Once he came up from behind and took the leash, Cody didn't realize who had control until he actually had done the lesson and looked up for approval, then it was a really tense moment. As the years went by it was obvious how much he loved our family and how much we loved him. My wife and I would tease him, I would act like I was hitting her and she would yell. Cody would come running from wherever he was and grab my arm. Never hurting me but making sure that I understood that he could. When we would go for a walk he would be right beside us, if anyone approached he would get in front of us with curled lips until the person went past or changed course. He was just so wonderful that I hope he will be n Heaven so I can see him again.

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Oct 17, 2015
Angel dog
by: ShaSha

Beautiful dog! Beautiful story!!!

Jun 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

Jim, God bless Cody. He is with God and your days together are just beginning. Cody is awaiting you when the time comes,

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