I Recently rescued a 5 year old Shepherd and he is an amazing dog! I noticed he shed a lot so, I took him for a "deep clean" so to speak. I had already been brushing him 3-5 times a day and after the grooming (they told me they removed a ton of hair,) I continue to brush him 3-5 times a day to no avail!

The amount of hair he leaves on the wood floors daily is unbelievable, not to mention the bed every morning. I love him to pieces but this hair thing is sooo hard especially with trying to sell my house. I feed him dry Pedigree Brand for adult dogs and have every brush/comb known to dogs. Can somebody PLEASE help!

I am breathing, eating, basically living in hair! It is also making my asthma worse. I read 1 article that said give 1 part brewers yeast 1 part garlic and 2 parts doggy this safe? I also read another that said they shave their shep every 2 months and have no shedding trouble??? I have read how they "blow" their coats etc. but he is not that furry after the grooming. Can you please help..I don't want to get rid of him I love him SO much!! Thank you for ANY tips!!!


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Jun 01, 2010
Crazy Constant Shedding
by: Anonymous

Hi Debbie.... when I saw the photo of your shepherd... WOW it was looking at my own dog! Beta is 5 years old and adopted, has the same color and markings.

Yep, hair hair everywhere. Cool thing though... easy to find and pick-up. We also groom outdoors as much as possible and let it fly through the air like gigantic tumble weeds. ProPlan works best for us. Have her coat "blown" in the spring is helpful.

But the quickest way to help her shed that coat is have her outside and active on a warm day and it seems to come off in clumps! I think air conditioning can tend to drag the shedding process out.

We also tried to cut her hair really short... but it seemed to upset her... she seemed "weirded-out". We will trim her again... but NOT so short. You do get use to it.

A couple of tips... each night get your hands damp and give your pup a body massage... lots of hair will come off. Rub your hands together and throw the ball of hair away.

Also... I have on many occasions used the dog brush on the carpet (of course it depends on your carpet type). Wonderful dogs... worth the trouble. Good luck. Diane

Jan 05, 2010
German Shepherd Shedding
by: Debbie

German Shepherds do shed a lot. But I would tell you not to shave the dog. What I would suggest you look in to if you are having "extreme shedding" is a better quality dog food depending on what you are currently feeding.

Also, I would suggest you speak to local dog groomers in your area for tips on cutting down on shedding. You may find something helpful.

As a lifelong GSD owner I just don't think much about the hair issue but if you are a first time owner it can be overwhelming.

All I can tell you is to groom outside frequently (get a shedding rake - they are fantastic for shedding GSDs - check one out on this page:

right above the blowing coat video), vacuum frequently, feed a high quality food, and just accept it that as a GSD owner you own all that hair too.

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