Dakota, my GSD Psychiatric Service Dog

by Deb
(Marysville, CA USA)

Kota grounding me after panic attack

Kota grounding me after panic attack

Kota is now 4 years old. She's had about 11 months of self-training and is now enrolled in a program to finish up.

I suffer from PTSD, severe social phobia, agoraphobia, panic attacks, migraines and a host of other things. I also used to be highly suicidal and suffered severe depression.

Since I acquired Kota from a reputable breeder, we bonded very closely, very quickly. Soon after her arrival, I ceased to be suicidal, depressed and didn't SI anymore.

Kota alerts me to oncoming panic attacks, PTSD flashbacks, and migraines, so that with her trained response, these things can be mitigated or avoided altogether.

Taking Kota for her 2 daily walks, doing training sessions outside, and doing all my own shopping and driving, has given me my life back. I can go anywhere with Kota and do all the things "normal" people do, with little stress. Kota protects my personal space, and properly deals with all of my issues.

Kota is the love of my life; she is my life; she has saved my life. Without her at my side, I simply would have no life. I would do anything for my Kota!
Deb & Dakota

German Shepherd Training

Total German Shepherd: From one Deb to another, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful story with us. I wish you and Kota the very best for years and years and years to come.

Her wonderful service to you is another in the long line of what these heroic and intelligent animals are capable of - with the right training and in the right home environment with a loving owner.

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Jun 27, 2010
Rock on, Deb!
by: Iris

Thank you for sharing your story, Deb. Dakota is lovely as well as being a life-saver for you.

Thank you, too, for helping take the stigma out of psychiatric conditions by being open about how your service dog mitigates your disability.

GSDs are amazing animals and their ability to bond with the best people has been demonstrated with you and Dakota.

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