Deworming German Shepherds - How Often?

how often do i deworm my gsd?

she is 15 months old and loves to rummage in dirt and dustbins

Total German Shepherd:

I deworm my adult dogs every 6 months, once in January and again in July because it just makes it easier for me to remember it that way - first of the year then again half way through. Puppies are entirely different however.

Also, I deworm my dogs myself. I get the wormer I use from my vet for my particular German Shepherd (because it is based on weight of the dog) and then I administer it myself.

The wormer I use is called Panacur. It comes from the vet in a liquid form and you administer it once a day for 3 days in a row. You can put it on their food or just directly into their mouths (which is what I do) and you're done.

Many vets will give it to you as 3 separate dosages in 3 different syringes all ready to go (1 dosage per syringe) but I usually just get it all in one bottle, and 3 empty syringes and then measure it out myself before I give it - but either way is fine.

I like it especially because it is good to get rid of lots of different worms all at once such as; hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms and whipworms - and most other wormers on the market only address hookworms and roundworms. So one treatment of the 3 doses and you're done for 6 months! And most GSDs do not seem to have an issue with the taste either.

But if you don't want to get the Panacur from your vet you can also order a wormer called Panacur C - Safeguard that is basically the same thing only in dry form to give your dogs. If you're using Safeguard to worm your dog, you can mix up the powder with a small amount of canned dog food to make sure that the dog takes it all.

Again, it's a once a day dosage for 3 days in a row. And it's important to remember that if you decide to buy the powder form of Panacur (Safeguard or any other brand) that you buy more than your GSD weighs - meaning that if your GSD weighs 74 pounds that you buy 80 pounds worth, or if your GSD weighs 104 that you buy enough for a 110 pound dog. So you'll probably have to buy several packets to add up enough wormer to meet your GSDs weight requirements.

It's better to give your dog enough wormer to treat a slightly larger dog than not to give enough to treat the full weight of your dog because dogs seldom weigh an exact 70, 80, or 90 pounds. Just ask your vet if you have any further questions about panacur.

And if you want to see the liquid Panacur that I was talking about above, here is a video that you can watch all about that too to give you a better idea about what I am talking about. Deworming Your German Shepherd Dog

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