Do you have to teach your German Shepherd to protect you?

by Mary Dukes
(Illinois, USA)

My boy is a big, loopy baby. He's large, I think,(29-30 inches at the whithers at 13 months) and always misunderstood. He's my sweetie.

His breeder told me, he's independent and first to wander off, 'but always first to listen to you and come back.'

I know he's still a puppy; he chases his tail, wants me to play ALL THE TIME even though he tries to be macho outside.

I don't want him barking and trying to go after 'things' (rabbits, cats, kids, deer and shadows...) I Know one thing he doesn't actually go after.


He will stand for hours watching them play basketball, ride bikes or skateboards. He will bark at them, but let just one of them come toward him and touch him he just melts. He wants to play with them so badly it breaks your heart to see.

I was told by one of the nurses at the pet clinic, "I hope you didn't get him as security because he LOVES people so much!"

What I didn't tell her in response was, first he does like women (his breeder was a woman whose daughter subbed for her, exactly like my first puppy from another breeder. is another boy at home.

He will not tolerate somethings. If you know his name, he might tolerate your presence. Then again, he might not.

He WILL protect me.

I have never taught him to protect me. Other than him, I have no children. Like his predecessor, his desire to make home safe comes naturally. He wants to see and smell everything around the house (and even away from the house).

If something changes he always lets me know it.
He doesn't like flashing lights; flashlights or lasers do not impress him. He goes for the item he sees in the hand, not the light on the floor or walls. So this doesn't make a good toy for him.

But when we are alone, he's my big sweetie. He will roll onto his back and make all kinds of puppy noises while I scratch his tummy. Let him and he will try to get onto my lap kissing me and laying his big head against my face. I read somewhere that German Shepherds have the saddest eyes, and I think that's true.

His eyes move me to near to tears sometimes, baffling us both. That big head tilts and that just cheers me up.

I was told to treasure his puppyhood as long as I could, and that's what I do. He already wears that mature look in those dark eyes. If you don't believe me, just look into your German Shepherd's eyes and see if it's not true.

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Aug 23, 2012
by: Frank

My 4 year GSD male is a very good watch dog. We live on a large cow ranch in Texas.

My biggest problem with this dog is he likes to chase the cows. I think he just wants to play but it's not cool when he starts to chase them. It's also hard for me to get him to stop..he's stubborn but very intelligent.

A German shepherd is a thinking dog. They have the ability to figure things out better then other breeds.

As for protection...if you think you need yourself a gun. I'd rather have have a dog that's a sweetheart then a liability. Nobody likes a mean dog!

Axel has never been in a fight. I take good care of him and I avoid situations where their might be a problem. For the most, Axel gets along with everybody..even cats.

Never seen him get aggressive towards another dog..but then again' I don't put him in a situation where there could be trouble. Axel is a pretty mellow dog.

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