Dog Information Needed

by Liz
(West Baden Springs IN)

what a cutie

what a cutie

This beautiful little lady appeared at our home two weeks ago today! After telling, emailing, and facebooking about her, no one has claimed or wants her so shes still here.

Now dont get me wrong, I luv dogs and am partial to German Shepherd as my best friend growing up was the most terrific German Shepherd! But my goal was to find a home for her other than ours.

I already have 3 children (10,7 & 3) and they have a huge 3yr old Siberian husky (male)! Needless to say, she has found her way right into ALL (especially the husky's - he doesn't let her out of his sight) our hearts!

Maybe it was meant to be that she found her way to our home?!?!? But we know nothing about her except that she's is very loving, VERY smart, and holds her ground with the 70lb husky that sometimes wants to use her as a rag doll!

And did I mention how cute she was! Any information anyone may have about breed, age, anything would be greatly appreciated!

Total German Shepherd:

Hey Liz,

Judging only based on the picture I can tell you with a lot of confidence that she does have some German Shepherd in her. ;) And I would guess about 8 weeks old or so from the photo you have posted.

What a cute little girl you have there - and if she gets along with your other pets and your kids, it sounds like you definitely have a keeper! She may very well prove to be the best dog you ever got by chance!

I wish you all nothing but the best with your new baby. Socialize her as much as you can, get her shots and wormings, and feed her the best food you can buy and she should be well on her way. Good luck!

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