Dog Shedding Rake

Do you know what a dog shedding rake is?

If you are looking for the perfect piece of dog grooming equipment for your furry little friend, especially if yours is a double coated dog breed (like our lovely German Shepherds are), then you are in luck.

You might be feeling rather desperate because you have purchased many other kinds of grooming products that promised to make the whole dog grooming process easier for you - but they all failed nonetheless and did not provide you the results you were searching for.

Because of the changing temperatures in the environment, hormonal changes in your individual dogs and so many other issues, German Shepherds tend to lose their undercoat from time to time - normally at least 2 times per year. Some GSD owners may not be aware that when their dogs will shed their undercoat that this can also be a very uncomfortable time for them as the shedding process happens.

Those newbie Alsatian owners who think they are quite aware of this shedding process but have not yet gone through a phase of "blowing coat" usually buy a regular dog brush thinking that it would be enough to take out the loose fur from their dogs' coats. But here's the reality: when a regular brush is used, only a small portion of the loose fur will be removed from the dog's body.

This is why many people "in the know" recommend a piece of dog grooming equipment that resembles a rake for GSDs while they are blowing coat - in fact, it is called a shedding rake. For sure, this tool will be able to reach your dog's undercoat and take away all the loose fur hanging around the dog's body, just underneath the top guard hairs. In time this will make your dog feel more comfortable too because it removes all that dead hair from the coat and allows the dogs skin to breathe.

Regardless of how often you are going to use this piece of dog grooming equipment, make sure that you do it regularly so that your German Shepherd will always feel relaxed and comfortable while you are using it. More than that, using the dog shedding rake regularly will help you keep up in the whole process of grooming your dog and keeping your home as fur free as possible.

See the shedding rake in use

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