Dog walks and poops

by Patti
(Riverside, CA)



I have a five year old male Baldwin, with hip dysplasia who is on 75mg. Rimadyl daily. I can't image why someone would give him up but they did. I have noticed that on some walks, not all, he will either pee or poop while walking.

I don't always know unless I check behind me constantly. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I carry a plastic bag but I just don't understand why he does it while walking and not when I stop. There is no notice.

I make sure I take him around the backyard before we go so that if he has to go he will, but sometimes he will do it in the backyard and then on the walk. I cannot walk him far, so we are not gone very long.

This is not an everyday occurance. Only once every couple of weeks. He is housetrained. And he has a great girlfriend, someone dumped Rose after she could no longer have any puppies after five years of pumping them out. I recently got her a few weeks ago at a GS rescue.

They get along very well, maybe she is the problem? Baldwin is well socialized so I don't understand.

Total German Shepherd: I would definitely encourage you to take him to the vet for a checkup to see if there is a medical reason of some sort for this particular behavior.

And who knows, maybe he doesn't want to stop on his "big" walks just to keep up with you or because he's marking his territory. It's hard to say without actually being there to observe it - but I would still take him to the vet just to make sure that that is not an issue.

And in case it is, then you will learn from the vet what you need to do to help your beautiful boy overcome this issue. Good luck!

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Sep 26, 2010
God Bless You for Loving These GSDs
by: bjfc

You are truly a remarkable person. Decent inside and out. As far as Baldwin relieving himself as he walks, it probably is too painful to try to bend as they usually do. I will do some research to find out if there are better answers. I have a dog that is ill right now having just been diagnosed with perianal fistula. It is a chronic disease with no cure and very painful. So my heart goes out to you.
Bless You

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