Elderly German Shepherd with EPI, Panus and now displaying stiff back legs

I have a 10yr old Shepherd, we aquired him at 5 yrs from a rescue, he came already suffering with EPI and Panus, which we have managed to control quite sucessfully through asking questions and researching.

So I am off again as lately he is not striding as he walks, this is not all the time, it seems to be after his exercise. His back legs go up and down like a couple of pistons instead of striding one foot in front of the other.

Could this be a sign of arthritis or just old age and what can I do to help him, or could it be something more sinister. I'll be honest, although he has regular check ups at the vet for his other conditions, I have not mentioned this because I am very scared that they might find something else wrong and this Shepherd is a very special dog.

I am not worried about medical costs, but I am worried that he is going to suffer and I don't want to put him through anything unless it will help him.

Total German Shepherd:

Please get your dog to a vet ASAP and tell them everything about the dog and the conditions that you've just described here - even to the most minute detail because the vet will not know to look for it without your asking first or giving complete details.

If the dog is really important to you and you're "not worried about medical costs" then use your vet visits effectively and tell the vet EVERYTHING - please.

The vet can't catch everything, everytime - that's where the owner comes in. You have to share symptoms and issues with your vet since the dog will not always show each problem while at the clinic and in the presence of the doctor.

Please, take your dog to the vet, tell them everything and then get your dog treated for whatever is wrong with it. For the dogs sake.

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