Fluffy Puppy Hair - Do GSDs lose their puppy fur?

by Mark
(Houston, TX)

A good friend of mine just adopted an 8 week old German Shepherd Puppy that was found as a stray (so we're not sure if the puppy is indeed a GSD or mixed). The foster parents tried to find the real owners, but no one ever came forth.

The puppy is fluffy as can be, and in the photos and videos we have seen here on the site, it appears that puppies do start off fluffy and eventually start growing their adult hair. Does the puppy fur actually fall out and then the adult coat grows in, or does the fluffy fur become one of the coats, or does the fluffy fur mean that the dog is actually a long hair GSD?

I have visited my friend so much now and played with the puppy, that I've gotten "hooked" on doing research to learn more about the GSD. All of my experience has been based on my two dogs that I adopted which are lab mixes, so learning about the GSD has been exciting and new.

Thank you for any direction you can give us.

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Jan 09, 2010
Fluffy German Shepherd Puppy
by: Debbie

German Shepherd puppies do go through a coat change as they mature - but it doesn't really fall out so much as it just changes in texture (as well as color as the GD puppy ages).

When your German Shepherd puppy gets to be around 3 months of age or so if you watch you'll eventually notice that the hair on the back, it usually starts in about one line or so about 1/2 wide and a few inches long, will change in texture - it almost looks shiny compared to the regular puppy coat. That new "shiny" patch is the adult coat coming in.

It may be that your friend has gotten a GSD puppy that is coated, meaning that it is a long coated or long haired German Shepherd.

Read more about the long coated, AKA coated, German Shepherd, here:

long haired German Shepherd

Also, you can learn more about the different coat colors and patterns of the German Shepherd dog here:

German Shepherd dog coat colors

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