Fragile german shepherd?

by angelo
(lakeport ca USA)

hi I have a 1 year old gsd and he isnt as tough as i thought he would be. He is very smart but when he plays with other puppys younger than him he seems to get hurt often.

He is also very loving and I think he is too friendly when I bring friends to my house he immediately goes up to them wanting affection or to play.

Are GSD's fragile at 1 year of age? Do they act like puppys until they are 2 years of age? Thanks

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Mar 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

I've had four GSD all were loving and friendly.
They know when to protect you.
My gsd must respect everyone that enters our home when we are present.
When we are not home everyone is fair game.
Even my closet friends are not allowed in the yard if we are not present.

Feb 01, 2010
Fragile German Shepherd?
by: Anonymous

I've been told that since a german shepherd is a large breed animal... they don't reach maturity or (adult hood) until they are 18 months of age.

As far as his fragility is conserned... if your dog is in pain... then I'm sure that he doesn't want to interact with others as much.

Don't get me wrong, I know that your pupppy loves you very much. Just like humans... if your in pain, you want to be left alone until your pain free anyway.

Jan 25, 2010
He'll get tough
by: Bette

I thought my boy GSD was NEVER going to grow up. It took him three years. I've heard similar stories from many other owners too. GSDs are not by nature aggressive dogs, but loving, protective and loyal.

If you give him time he'll learn he's a REAL German shepherd. When mine was one-two I asked the breeder the same question you are asking. I was concerned he wouldn't protect me. She said, "Don't worry about that. He loves you so much his natural protective instincts will kick in if someone bothers you."

Be thankful you've got him. They ARE the best dogs in the whole wide world.

Jan 18, 2010
Fragile Shepherd
by: Anonymous

Many Shepherds mature more slowly then many other breeds. Your GSD will figure out on his own schedule a purpose for himself. Temperment of the parents will tell you alot about how your pup will mature. Some are more confident and some are more anxious...but all I have seem will protect "their" people when pressed. Is your GSD really seeking affection...or is he really saying....."hey, this is my house and I need to be reckoned with". Domination comes in many forms...what looks like play can be subtle domination.

Jan 13, 2010
i just found out my German Shepherd has an over bite
by: i posted this

hello there, I have posted the fragile german shepherd. I just found out he has an over bite and his two large front teeth have dug holes in his top gums on the inside of his fangs. The vet said he needs his 2 bottom teeth filed down so thats what i must do. this is the reason my gsd is not being as tough as he can when we play. If anyone has had the same problem I would be glad to hear your story. Thanks

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