German Shepherd, Bella Fricka von Kirschental

by Bob Cembrola

Bella and Kally

Bella and Kally

Bella turns 1 today, she arrived in Boston from Germany on June 1, the day tornadoes hit New England. She is now very sweet, intelligent and incredibly curious.

She loves to chase anything that moves including birds. She goes to day care 5 days per week and is the official greeter for new dogs arriving there.

She is finally getting over her chewing stage, thank God!

Total German Shepherd: Hey Bob,

What a lovely girl your Bella is. And I especially love the picture you sent of her too. She looks really comfortable all propped up on those pillows. Is she on your bed too? Nice picture.

Yes, it is really nice when you both make it through the puppy teething phase! I agree whole heartedly with that comment. And I'll imagine there are a lot of young puppy owners out there waiting for the day when their own GSD puppy has completed the teething phase.

Hang in there if you're in that situation everybody - it does get better - wouldn't you agree Bob? And as these wonderful puppies mature they do chill out a bit (usually) over time. So be patient puppy owners.

Anyway, Bella is a beautiful female German Shepherd. Good luck with her in the future - she is a gorgeous girl!

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May 05, 2012
by: Linda Arnold - St Louis

Happy 1st Birthday Bella and many more, Mia my Shepherd said "WOOF"!!! Bella in Italian means Beautiful and that she is.

She got a good home lying in a comfty bed surrounded by pillows. She will be protective which that probably has started to show by now.

Enjoy your time with your puppy. Take care of your girl and she will take care of you.

Apr 30, 2012
by: Cheryl Schaefer

Thank you for sharing Bella's story with us. She is a very beautiful girl. That is really special, that she came from Germany ho you. My German Shepherd , Chloe, (10 months old), & I, would like to wish Bella, a very Happy 1st Birthday! I love the photo of Bella very much . Thank you, again!

Apr 30, 2012
Bella Fricka
by: Bob Cembrola

Thanks for the nice comments. She is my second GSD so I am familiar with the stages they go through although Bella is a bit different from my first. The big issue now is scratching a lot, I've tried changing her dry food several times and I give her fish oil everyday but still no luck. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Apr 29, 2012
still chewing
by: Gsd lover

My GSD is still chewing and shes 4!!! Dont wanna scare anyone with that, still love her to bits.

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