German Shepherd Booda - the untold story

by Jason

My fiance and I rescued a (vet guessing) 3 year old GSD. He is black and tan and well to say the least afraid of everything.

To start from the beginning we were moving in to a new house and I always had dogs growing up and wanted another GSD, she was bitten in the face at a young age and was afraid of dogs.

I wanted a puppy an all white GSD puppy but after being at a house (I am a Computer Field Tech) that was part of a GSD rescue group i suggested we rescue one instead, she was not to keen on it but agreed, so i started to look for GSD's in my local area to help, one day after searching the internet for about a week i found our new dog. only one problem he was afraid of people.

Growing up with dogs I am not afraid of any dog but she was. So I went alone first to see how bad he was with strangers and well the guy at the pound said no one can get close to him, it took him 2 weeks to get close to the dog which they named bandit. Later on we found out why we should have left that his name...

The guy at the pound opened the cage and Bandit (which we renamed wicket...think of the bear like things from star wars. He also has a few nicknames one being Booda) sat in the corner and wouldnt move and just growled under his breath at me. right then and there i knew i needed to save this dog. So i sent my fiance to see him and wouldnt you know it wickett ran right to her and melted her heart.

no question about it he chose her, which is good because thats one of the reasons we got him to protect her. Now to the problem other than my fiance he is afraid of everything, for example the wind, tables, vacuum cleaners, people, pillows, non carpeted floors, doors, his food bowl if you touch it while he is watching, he also doesnt take food from us or anyone, if we try to give him a bone he runs away and waits for you to drop it then he will take it when your not looking. all this while he is in the house.

If he is outside he is not afraid of anything but other people. He walks great on the leash right next to you doesnt pull at all, loves car rides too.

The story of why wickett should have been called bandit, after we got him and a few months had passed we noticed that we started to only have 1 sock and no more pairs, well 1 night my fiance was watching t.v. and she noticed the dog was sneaking out of the room and followed him, low and behold he stole one of her socks and was laying with it.

where the rest ended up no one knows, since then after laughing at him he no longer does it when no one is looking now he just sneaks over and grabs the sock then runs with it like a Bandit being chased by cops. he doesnt chew them he just lays with them then they disappear.

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Nov 10, 2011
changed dog & changed lady
by: Anonymous

good story!
I loved how the dog was growling at you when you met him and your wife was afraid of dogs and then there is this great pic of your wife hugging the dog close!

Nov 10, 2011
a changed dog and a changed lady
by: Anonymous

this is a good story. I love the pic of your wife who used to be afraid of dogs and this dog who growled at you at first and she is hugging him close! so great!

Mar 21, 2010
by: Jessa mommy of two GS puppies brother and sister

You're story is so sweet!!! I love how he steal your socks and it makes me very happy that you saved his life instead of buying a new pet from a store or breeder.

I hope you three are very happy ! I'm sure wicket is!!!

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