German Shepherd hind leg problem

by Richard Rivera
(Beale AFB, CA, USA)

my dog this morning woke up and has been limping. she is 5 months old an this is the first time ive ever seen her like this.

she is normally very energetic and currently she is down and she doesnt want to eat. this worry's me cause she is my sons dog and he is 4 years old and the dog means the world to him and to me its the dog we have always wanted.

she has been limping and it is her right hind leg that has been bothering her she cant make it up steps and all she does now is lay down to stay off her leg. what should we do in reference to my dog, if you can please let me know asap that will be greatly appreciated.

Richard Rivera

Total German Shepherd:

It would be very hard to say without actually seeing her - was she injured in some way? Did she play too hard the day before? Did she fall or jump onto something?

Either way you need to get the German shepherd puppy to the doctor asap because the fact that she is not eating on top of the limping is fairly normal but does need to be assessed. It might be something as simple as pano or something much different but let the vet check her and tell you what is going on with her.

That way, your puppy will be diagnosed and treated and on it's way to feeling much better. I wish I could help you out but in this case I can't.

So please, don't waste time asking me questions about this now since I can't help her in this situation - take her to the vet asap and find out exactly what is wrong right now. Then you can get her healthy and back to her playful old self.

And if you get the chance, everyone, please leave us some comments here, we'd love to hear what you have to say. And if you have the time, please join in with us here and place a video of your own or tell us your own GSD story in our sharing section.

We'd also love to see your German Shepherd pictures - after all the German Shepherd is one of the most beautiful dogs on the planet! I'm sure we can all agree on that. And thanks for visiting us here at Total German Shepherd and being a part of our site.

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May 07, 2015
GSD 5 month pup Hind leg structure
by: Anonymous

Hi All,

So, I've had GSDs in the part and I'm familiar with their formation and structure that is required. I also volunteer from time to time at dog shelter and this questions comes from someone who cares dogs and needs some help.

I have recently observed a strange manner in which one of our friend's GSD puppy is running, his left hind leg moves towards its right rather than stay straight. I've also noticed that it doesn't sit too long with both its hind legs supporting him, he tends to add more weight towards the other and then completely ends up sitting on its other leg. Should they show this issue to a vet? He just got his vaccinations and I'm not sure the vet has noticed or our friends brought it up.

He has a peculiar habit of walking only if entire family is with him. Otherwise he has the most attention drawing wailing noises (very embarrassing in the public - where someone would think owner is hurting or harming the dog..when its making sounds on its own.)

He also starts whining and wailing (literally like a really really loud baby) if his family isn't around in the park and someone else is trying to take it out on a walk (dog sitter). He just shows the most strange tantrums.

He is still learning to walk on leash and absolutely does not like it, he pulls too tight and its an effort for the owner to just simply take it out on a walk.

He is eating normally and other than these things generally a sweetheart.

Any thoughts on how these issues can be addressed / resolved? Any suggestions would be great.

Jul 02, 2011
by: Anonymous

people! don't post questions which require an immediate answer! eg-" dog is sick. what to do?" " dog is limping",etc
in case of emergency situations, visit the DOCTOR! not this website!

Total German Shepherd: Exactly what I've been saying for years - Couldn't have put it better myself.

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